[APP][Pro] Send SMS


I admit that I don’t understand…
Here are the logs, the first line with error 400 is when I use the variable.

The second line with the 200 error is when I entered the number myself.
However, the strings appear identical:

any idea if w/ Messagebird I could send to two phone numbers at the same time? If so, what’s the syntax for the 2 numbers


I cant get Clickatell to work. Getting Error: Error: ERR: 001: Authentication Failed. It work fine when I test the api URL i get from Clickatell. When signing in to Clickatell i need to do a Captcha, can that be the problem when adding all the info in the app? the login is working.
API url i get from Clickatell looks like this: https://platform.clickatell.com/messages/http/send?apiKey=“removed”==&to=“cellnumber”&content=Test+message+text

Maybe they changed something in their api. I can check after my vacation. Can you create an issue on github so I won’t forget? :beach_umbrella:

I have created an issue now.

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Thanks to André Matthies a new service is now added.

App version 3.0.4 is available in the app store.
3.0.4 Added sms77.

new version 3.1.0 is published now.

@Marcel_Brauers thanks for sponsoring the cheapconnect development!

Hi, just installed an register with Rebvoice. Can’t get it to work, “an unknown error has occured”. Restart Homey Pro or App did not solve the problem. Any Ideas?

what is rebvoice? anyhow, pls send an app diagnostics report.

Hi, Rebvoice is one of the SMS senders that is supported by the app :blush:

Here the code for the diag. report.



Hi, any Idea yet why it is not working?

No, i need to find time to dig into this. Because i have to probably setup an account with them this is not a trivial job.

As I have an account, I could provide you in a PM with the credentials so you could use it for tests. If that would help :slight_smile:

that helps with the financial issue, but not with the time issue. I will let you know when I get around working on it.


has anyone managed to make it work with free mobile?

I don’t want to make a claim to solve this certain problem, because I’m not a programmer at all…:person_shrugging::smirk:
But if it won’t get be done, I still can recommend VoIPbuster (www.voipbuster.com) with firm conviction.:ok_hand:


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good morning @AlbertGaertner

thank you for your answer but it’s not free when I have a freemobile sim card…

Hi Matthieu
I have no time to investigate this for you in the forseeing weeks/months.
If you need working SMS I suggest you go for one of the prepaid SMS services (is what I use too, no subscription. 10 euro lasts me a year or more)