[APP][Pro] Send SMS

A small Homey app to send text messages via a choice of over 80 SMS providers.

In this age of IoT there is still a need to send messages by SMS. This small app supports about 80 SMS providers:

46elks, AspSMS, BulkSMS, Clickatell, CM Direct, Free Mobile (fr), Messagebird, SendInBlue, TargetSMS, Twilio, Spryng and Textbelt: These are paid SMS services where you need an account

DellMont: This includes more than 60 voipservices like Voipbuster, Freecall, Cheapvoip, etc. These are also paid services, so you need an account and credit to use it.

After setting up the SMS-service provider you want to use, you have the possibility to send messages via an action flow card.

Known limitations:

TargetSMS uses an API that sends the message requests as clear text unsecure over the internet. The other SMS providers use the secured https method. You can only set/use one SMS provider at the same time. Depending on the provider some numbers might not be reachable.


If you like the app you can show your appreciation by posting it in the forum, and if you really like it you can buy me a beer. Feature requests can be placed on the forum.


Version changelog: changelog.txt


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Nice app Gruijter !

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The new version is now available from the athom appstore:


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Looks like a fantastic app! Could you please post some screenshots on how to set it up using your own android phone? I can’t get it up and running.


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Hi @Marcus_Isaksson There is a problem with smsGateWay.me at the moment. This service is not operational for a few weeks already, and they have not solved this so far.

There is already an issue on this topic: https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.sms/issues/3

But you can try any of the other SMS services :slight_smile:

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Why not take the SMS from the phone?

I need it to.
How do I set up?

Api ID/handle ?
Username ?
Password/id ?
From number ?

Hi @Johan_Stenlund,

To send an SMS you need an account with one of the SMS services that the app supports. In the settings page, select a service, and klick on the weblink to get more information on that service.

To compare a number of providers for their SMS rates, you can use this site: http://www.voip-comparison.com/

Unfortunately the ‘free’ service that uses your own mobile as gateway (smsGateway.me) is not operational at the moment. If you know any other gateway that you would like to have integrated, preferably one that uses your own mobile, please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Gruijter and fanks for respond.

But were do i find Api ID/handle ? Username ? Password/id ? From number ?

Do I get it from the SMS services?

Best regards

Indeed🤗. If you get an account at one of the service providers, it should become clear by itself.


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Hi Gruijter,

Do you know if smsGateway.me is operational again?

The service was down , and I havent tried them again. If you try, please let us know if it works.

Service is still down (400 error). Do you have any tips for a good (free?) service provider?

The best things in life are free. I guess sending sms is not part of that🤔

I see smsSync and restSMS gateway in the Google App store as alternatives for smsGateway.me
I could try to integratie those, but dont think I have time for that soon.

New version v2.1.0 is pending approval by Athom.

Added Easycallback. Removed smsGate (not working anymore)

I checked the Android gateway apps smsSync and restSMS. Bbut the first one needs a 24/7 webservice, and the second one wants to have access to parts of the phone where it doesn’t belong… So for now I have no alternative for smsGate. If anyone has a suggestion for a good replacement let me know.

New version was just released. Get it while it’s hot: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.gruijter.sms

New version is on its way. The settings page has been fully rewritten for Homey V2.

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