How control homey remotely via message -- text to string

Hi, how i can control my Homey via message. I want that i can send msg via Facebook, Telegram, but this app communication stric between native app. I want send generate text, to homey variable from other system, like integromat or other AI. I cant find no solution :frowning:
it would be enough for homey to accept a text string that would be sent via google to google home. Thx all

With Telegram it works fine. So what do you want exactly achieve?
Sure, you must install Telegram on each device you want use with homey. But that shouldn’t be the problem?!
In mine case, I Created a Telegram Group an invited all my family members to the group. And registered each user and olso the group with the Telegram bot.

hi, and you can test add homey to contact group and send msg from another device to this group and try it homey will respond on message or not ? thx

How did you invite te telegram group