Control Homey via text or chatt

I would like have a app or feature to control my homey devices via text. For example write the commands on the keybord at my desktop, or write the commands from my phone.

As an example I have Netatmo that have a chat bot for Messenger where I can control and check it by writing text as chat to the bot.
But other ways are surely possible.

Is there any app for this?
If not is there anyone else that are interested in this as I am, maybe we can make a app request?


Tried already?


Or The Standard Mobile App,


Or as Developer:


See here:

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What is the list of commands/instructions you can write to Homey in Messenger ( how do you tell him to run a flow, turn on/off a device, get the status of a device?).
All I can find on the web is how to connect homey and messenger. I did connected them but beside asking questions like … what is the time … all I get is " No devices with the Turned on capability were found."

Why don’t we release features/apps with full documentations on them ?

Some apps seem they have bunch of bugs (reported) and developers don’t update them quite often, (decently said) … how is Homey going to address this issues? I would rather pay something and get an app fully supported and working 100% instead of having crumbles here and there and not a definite product, robust and headache free … hardware without proper apps (software) its kind of useless … I would imagine you understand this - and please - not everybody can write apps for their devices - lack of knowledge, time etc etc I am getting super excited about some of the possibilities Homey offer, seems nice, than get a cold shower realizing the apps doesn’t really work as intended/advertised …

Think it would be good to inform Athom about your opinion. This is a users community where Athom does not read most of the posts.

I just did … who knows, maybe things improve. A bit disappointed on this Homey switch I made.

I think they do have a core problem with apps not being properly supported and leaving the end user to the mercy of the developer which is not paid for his work but maybe doing it from passion/fun. This is bad.

See below answer to one of my requests to them to explain my statement…“How can I monitor device parameters not listed in Advanced Settings? With more than 3 popp sensors the automatic mesh network needs to be disabled (param 5 and 6) - I figured out I can do this in raw config parameters - but how can I actually “read” those parameters, to confirm their new values ?”. (question raised to developer also, of course, and no answer)

Hi Sebastian,
Thank you for contacting Athom support.
I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Popp sensors!
Unfortunately, this issue concerns an app that is not developed by us, but by a developer in our community.
You can contact the developer of this app via the Appstore. Please report this issue to this developer so he is aware of this issue.
If you have any issues regarding the Homey software or mobile app, feel free to contact us again.
Best Regards,

The Athom support team"

Anyways, you all have a nice day :slight_smile:

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