[APP][Pro] Send SMS

For each recipient number you need to add a seperate send-sms card. You cannot send to multiple numbers in one card.

Ok thanks! gedoneerd :slight_smile:

Donation received. Much appreciated ! :beers:

I decided to give the app some love. Version 3.0 is a major rewrite to SDK3 (Homey V5 and higher):

  • Rewrite to SDK3.
  • Fix HTTP(S) timeout.
  • Improved settings page.
  • Added gatewayapi as SMS provider

It is only available as test version until I receive enough feedback that it works well.

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I tried V3

Test sms worked fine with VoipCaptain as provider, although the first time I did receive a sms, but the app mentioned something about net socket error instead of OK test passed, save settings. However I can’t reproduce it anymore…

Also when I try to delete for the 2nd time the log file, nothing happens. It does say are you sure, when I say yes it says logs are deleted. But in reality nothing is deleted: 9615fea1-ef4c-486c-875b-970e171e7fdd
The first time I hit the delete button, it did clear the log.

Edit: I went to the settings panel again and now the logs are cleared… So maybe UI does not update quick enough.

Thx for the feedback! I will check the logs you sent.

Update: I created a new test version 3.0.1 that should fix both issues that @rvdeijk encountered.

  • Http(s) timeout doubled
  • App logger improved.
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Seems to work fine now! :smiley:

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v3.0.2 Is released as stable just now

  • Fix all services that use an API ID.
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Hey Robin,
thanks so much for your efforts and your engagements to keep this both useful and easy to use app running. I really appreciate this very much. Unfortunately I’m not a Paypal-user, otherwise you can imagine what I would have done long ago. :wink:

Although someone may consider the SMS nearly ancient :wink: due to different alternative message services via data connection, it is indeedly still confident and in some cases more reliable than WhatsApp for example. Or think about the fact, that Homey isn’t able to cash push-notifications as long as the recipient’s mobile device is offline.
Or you won’t get a data connection over a certain period of time, during which you wouldn’t get informed about a security issue at home like a fire or burglary.
So please hold on to keep this app alive!

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Many thanks for your kind words! I appreciate that. :kissing_heart:

In case you do not have paypal, but do have a creditcard, this link can be used (no pressure :innocent:)


I think SMS is very useful to send a message to a family’s member that does not have the homey app installed or uses telegram etc. Also for alarm notifications I can send it to my father and SMS always work. Downside is that I need to pay for each SMS (messages bird) Is there not a way of using your own phone to send an SMS? (unlimited and free SMS)

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There used to be a service with android app that did that (smsgateway.me). But I removed that service because it just stopped working one day. But if you can find an alternative service let me know!

Edit: maybe this app/service?

Not many installs though. Not sure how safe it is to install this :thinking:

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Hey Robin,

thank you as well for your kind reply. And it is possible…not only to pay with Paypal directly. :wink:
For me, it’s not granted at all that someone is so selflessly like you are, and develops apps for free. In my opinion, this should be honoured.
Or in other words: you get what you deserve. :blush::+1: So, enjoy your beer!:beer:


Beers received. Thank you Albert, much appreciated! :beers:

I did looked in too it. Looks legit but whole site is in Russian (translate helps). They ask too install an APK due to restrictions in SMS by google.

Due to the tightening of the rules, Google, on March 9, 2019 forbade all applications related to sending SMS to have and use the function of sending SMS.

For the SMS function to work, you must install on your phone the full version of our application at this link

Russian APK… i dont know. But there is an API and an ok interface. The limitation of the free version is 1 sms per minute.

First of all thank you for the application, it is great!
On the other hand, I cannot use a number contained in a variable, it never works (error 400) although I have the right string of characters in the logs.
An idea ?

Which service provider are you using?

Free Mobile in France

Hi @Mikl,

I cannot test myself with Free Mobile, but I tested with other services and it works fine for me.

I used this flow:

Maybe the number is not formatted correctly or you have hidden characters in the string? (note: it has to be a sting variable, not a number)

New version is available in the app store


  • Fix empty settings 46Elks.
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