[APP][Pro] Secure / Horstmann app

Always down

What version of Homey are you running?
The app requires v5.

Which devices do you have?

Hello v 5 homey SRT321

Joel Frey

I get this on my 303. Is it possible to add that to the app?

zw_node_id “92”
zw_manufacturer_id “89”
zw_product_type_id “13”
zw_product_id “3”
zw_secure “⨯”
zw_battery “✓”

Ah, that seems to be a mistake from me. I added it as product_id 14.
Will update ASAP

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Cheers m8!

Added to v0.2.5, should be available tomorrow!

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When you’re in this state, have you tried to remove and re-add the devices?

303 works with 0.2.5, thnx.
Feature request: add support for the ses002 attached to the 303.

No, I try later

Joel Frey


I’d love to add support for SES 002, however, I do not own any of those devices (303 or 002) myself.
From the link you sent it seems to me that the 002 is connected via wire and it’s not another z-wave device? So to be honest I’m not sure what is required from the app to included it.
Happy to take hints if you know!

Hello, yet it works!!!:smiley:
I will submit a old problem:
I you change the temperature on the Homey app you must wait the wake up of the srt321 (256 seconds)
I f you change at the SRT321 the temperature change at Homey app immediately.
Perhaps a wake up of the SRT321 can be added in the app Wenn the temperature is change with Homey.

Thanks for the great work

Did buy u a small beer m8, cheers!

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Today I upgraded my Homey (2016) to V5.0. Everything is working except my SRT323. After the upgrade the app was paused and could not connect to the SRT323.Romoved the SRT323 from the ZWAVE devices and started a new pairing. The SRT goes from blinking L to LP no poblem, but the app encounters a problem while adding the device. Does anyone have an advise how to proceed and get the SRT323 running again?

The app version is 0.2.9 which is the latest version as far as I can tell…

Hello Roy,

Experimental is 0.2.10 but unfortunately no progress: connection seems to go ok at first but the app is still encountering a problem while adding the device.

Hi, three days ago I upgraded my Homey to version 5.0.0. As the old app for secure didn’t work anymore, I removed both the app and three Secure devices. After that I installed the new Secure meters app, v0.2.11. Adding both my SRT 321 thermostats and the SSR303. Adding wasn’t an issue and both thermostats work fine. Just the SSR303 doesn’t respond to on/off commands. Both the SSR and the homey have been off power for more than half an hour, anybody any tips?

I also started building an App but Hank de Lang was earlier. @HankIV maybe see if we can work together. I got the srt321 fully working with all capabilities, was working on the srs303 but when I started publishing the app I saw the new app…

Sounds great @jtops!
I also have the SRT321 fully working. However, since I don’t own any of the other devices I have not been able to fully verify the rest.
There are a few users that have indicate that some things are working correctly so the app is on the right track.

Feel free to checkout the repo at GitHub - hankolsen/com.securemeters.horstmann: Secure Horstmann app for Athom Homey. We can both create Pull Requests and have the each other as a reviewer!

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Hi @Jeroen_O!
Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn’t get a notification about your post.

Have you changed the wake up interval? The device will not get any updates from the app until it “wakes up”. The default value is 1800s which is half an hour.
Please take a look under Advanced Settings for the SSR303 device in the app.