[APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Did you make this token to work both in Homey AND the Iphone Roborock app?

Hello Morgan,

You didn’t read the full post, did you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can not test it?
I asking because in my knowledge you can not use Roborock phone-app together with Homey?
It is not quite obvious what you suggest with your helpful answer.

So, the answer is that I don’t know. In the top of my post I wrote that I found this tutorial but haven’t tried it since I don’t have a Mac, and I was hoping someone else with a Mac would try it. The solution should work with the Roborock app since you fetch the token from the Roborock app-settings!

No you have to use the Xiaomi app.

It wasn’t possible to extract with iBackup Viewer?

For me it was possible, 1,5 year ago

Does it still work?

I don’t know you normally don’t do it every week.

Did you try it?

Unfortunately I don’t have a mac so I can’t try it.

For those trying to get the Roborock Token and where the above token extractor does not work try this link Tip: Alternate way to get token for Xiaomi Vacuum - Bindings - openHAB Community, its easy, just install the emulator. download the Mi Home from APK mirror, import, install and get token :slight_smile:

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So, I just got a new Roborock, and while adding the two others were no problem at all, I’m now getting the device.getState is not a function when trying to add the connection. Anyone know how to solve this?

Never mind, worked to add it via the Roborock app instead of the Xi home app :slight_smile:

What? Did you get to add the vacuum via the Roborock app? How did you extract the token?

With the windows token extractor, super easy. You just needed your xioami username and password.

But then you have to use the Xiaomi app? You said you used the Roborock app?

You add them in the Xioami home app on your phone, but use the roborock app for homey to add them in homey.

Aha, you mean the app in Homey. I thought you used the Roborock app on your phone as well.

App works great with V7 MaxV - thanks for developing and maintaining!!

One question: I can’t seem to find a reliable event trigger card for “finished cleaning”. I now take “docked” as a substitute, but that makes it hard to deduce if a cleaning programme was actually finished or user-interupted (so it should try again later). How do you guys do this? Thnx

Edit: the “new cleaning summary” card doesn’t work for me unfortunately. It’s just keeps triggering every minute (polling frequency) with the same last card.

I am about to throw something in the wall…

I get the same notification every time I try to connect the Roborock S7 to my Homey. I am using the Roborock app, I have tried re-connecting the vacuum to the app, rebooting WiFi, got a new token, fixed the IP-adress. Please can someone help me, I’m getting " Could not connect to device, handshake timeout" over and over again, nothing seem to work… :frowning: