[APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Did you make this token to work both in Homey AND the Iphone Roborock app?

Hello Morgan,

You didn’t read the full post, did you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can not test it?
I asking because in my knowledge you can not use Roborock phone-app together with Homey?
It is not quite obvious what you suggest with your helpful answer.

So, the answer is that I don’t know. In the top of my post I wrote that I found this tutorial but haven’t tried it since I don’t have a Mac, and I was hoping someone else with a Mac would try it. The solution should work with the Roborock app since you fetch the token from the Roborock app-settings!

No you have to use the Xiaomi app.

It wasn’t possible to extract with iBackup Viewer?

For me it was possible, 1,5 year ago

Does it still work?

I don’t know you normally don’t do it every week.

Did you try it?

Unfortunately I don’t have a mac so I can’t try it.