[APP][PRO] Plugwise Smile P1 - Dutch and Belgian Smart Meter Reader

I just bought a used Smile from “Marktplaats” everything seems to work fine with homey, but here I read somethings about updaing to V3, and V1 that cannot update.

But how do I know if I have a V1 or V2? Firmware installed is 2.1.13 from May 2016.

If it has an external antenna, it is gen1 hardware and cannot be updated to firmware v3. If it doesn’t have an external antenna, it is gen2 hardware, and it can be updated to firmware v3.

But you don’t need to update to v3 firmware if everything is working fine for you.

Thanks for the info.

I have a V1 than, but like you say, as long as everything is fine, don’t change :slight_smile:

V2 will be auto updated when testing is done

How should the ledring react?? I have max 8130Wp from the panels but above 3000Wp the lering is solid blue. (I have set max to 8130)

@anon2681894 athom changed something in ledring behaviour in fw 2.4.1 . So if ledring is not working correct anymore, please make a issue on Github so I can further investigate.

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What should the lering do ?? I just have the smile 2 days now…

When using 0 w, it is all green. When using power, part of the ring will be red. Full red when using 3000w or more (limit can be changed in device settings). When producing power to the grid, part of the ring will be blue. Full blue when delivering 3000w or more (limit can be changed in device settings)

Is this also what you see on your ledring?

my lering is solid bleu from >±2000 a 2500W from solar panels. I have set Max production to 8130
let Max gebruik at 3000

before <2000 W from solar I see 2 colors…

Mmh, ok. I will look into this. Can you please create an issue on github so I dont forget? Thx.

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done :wink:

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Fixed in version v3.0.3

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Is V3 already working with the Homey app. Getting message “Cannot read property ‘measurement of undefined”, when trying to connect.

Yep, v3 should work. If not, please create an issue on github with logs.

5th time trying, it finally connected it. Don’t know why it did work the last time i tried.

Do you see anything in the app logs?

Could this help you? Don’t really know if it’s really readable.

Thx, but the text is cut off, so im missing a lot of info. Anyhow, glad it works for you now. Please create an issue on hithub if you run into trouble again.

v3.0.4 just got released in the Homey appstore.

Changes: SmileP1 package v 1.2.0. Added autodiscover during pairing. Gas usage fix.

What is fixed in the gas usage? Something with the value for gas usage last hour? I think that is/was way too low .001 m3 or something for 10-15 minutes hot water (shower). Or is this a realistic value (actually I’m not sure…)?