[APP][Pro] Plejd

So I finally pulled the trigger and bought a HP2023.

First, let me thank Emil for all the work he has put into this. The Plejd app has really been working great on my HP2019.

With that being said, should I expect some difficulty with Bluetooth in general on the HP2023? I seem to recall reading about it like 6 months back.

Since 6 months is a a lifetime in software development I am reaching out to others that use HP2023 with Bluetooth and especially Plejd to learn from your experiences.

Still the same, no BLE improvements in the firmware for months

Thank you for the reply. Is it your opinion that I should keep running my old HP2019 and hold off on installing the new one or are the issues minor?

Unless you will see again updates with regards to the BLE stack, I must say unfortunately - yes.
I don’t have Plejd mesh device, however the issues that were reported, were not minor - the Plejd has to be literally in few cm away from Homey 2023 to get it working reliably. That was however 3-4 months old finding, maybe someone else can provide more details.

I had issues with Xiaomi Flora devices and implemented workaround as HP2019 was booting already for me 20 min, it was showstopper and I had to switch over to HP23. Now I got Xiaomi Flora integrated via ESP32 and had 0 issues with it. In parallel I keep running old integration … for 5 months no connections.

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Great app @Emil_Ohman!

But i have a request.
Is it posible to add a card that increses/decreses dim level over time?

I think philips hue have this card. Dim to 50% over 10 sek.

I have a dark basment and a motion sensor that triggers a pledje dimmer. It goes to 60% instantly, looks a lot cooler if it goes from 0-60% over 5-6 sek.

Keep up the good work!


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