Plejd WRT-01


I have a system of Plejd LED75 LED strips in my kitchen. They are all controlled effortlessly my my WRT-01 remote controlled button, the setup of this is organised in my Plejd app (one button to rule them all).

However, in the homey app this button does not seem to serve any function and I can not control it manually like I can with the other dimmers I have installed in my home.

Any tips on how I can resolve this issue? I don’t mind the Plejd app, it’s just that the homey app is more “wife friendly”, since other units (non-Plejd) are all integrated there.

Is it possible to “merge” all the Plejd dimmers to one within the Plejd app and then install the one LED dimmer in homey app?

Any input would be highly appreciated.

Sincerely, Knut.

Hello Knut, and welcome!

There’s 2 Plejd apps, with the community version you can control the dimmer/button without the Plejd hub, it uses Bluetooth:

Hello again.

I was able to use the app «group» by Jamie Peake to merge all the devices into one unit in homey. It worked like a charm, so thank you so much to Jamie for developing this app!