[APP][Pro] Philips TV Testing

Maybe in the near future this app is unnecessary because your android tv app ?

I will try to support both apps because the Jointspace API provides more features than the Android Remote API.

But for people having pairing issues with the Philips TV app this might be a (temporary) solution. I am still looking into the pairing issues and have an idea of how to better debug the problem.

Alright you are great!

Hopefully I can start flows in the future with open apps and when shield is playing something turn light off or something can you implementatie something like that ?

@lucasvdh with both test and not test version tv state is not updating in homey ?

Any update @lucasvdh? If not I revert back to the released version as the experimental version’s fact that buttons are not controlled properly gives strange behaviour to flows.

I’ve been a bit under the weather last week, should be able to make some time this week.

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Hoi Lucas,

I installed the app, in the start of seems to work fine. At the moment it looks like the status of the tv will not update in the app, so if I want to use a trigger: if the tv turns on my flow is not responding. Is this happening because it is a test version or am I doing something wrong?
Great how you build this app, Thanks a lot for that!