Philips TV App Athom

Anyone knows how to connect a Philips TV 65PUS8555/12 with the Athom App?

Please specify… (sometimes there are more apps for one brand).
The Philips Athom app uses IR. So just place Homey in line of sight with the TV and off you go

The Philips TV app by Lucas should do the trick. But your model seems “too recent”?

As I said it’s the official Athom App Homey is close to it but it’s not working

Thanks :slight_smile:

Think my TV is to new :frowning:

My Philips TV is post 2019 (23 jun 2020) 43 PUS8505/12 and works with the app Lucas van der Have made. So do not look at the 2019 and just try it.

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I tried this app but I don’t get the 4 digit code on TV to enter

Maybe good to read the forum posts for the TV app for tips and tricks. Might have to tweak the settings. Or if nothing works post a question there. Sure they will help.