[APP][PRO] Outdoor AirQuality Monitor (Luftdaten)

It looks that they keep messing with the API :unamused:
Hope I dont forget to check it (again…) If no update from me next weekend please remind me :wink:


Any cause found for the issue?
Thx Bavo

Thx 4 reminding. Havent had Homey time this weekend. Trying again next week.

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new version 2.2.2:

  • Fix Luftdaten yet another API change.
  • Removed LD@homey device during pair.

Again they changed how to call the API. I start to think it is intentional to block ‘abuse’ from the API. So if that is the case, I wonder if Homey puts too much load on their servers. There is a default setting that indeed puts a lot of load on their server. This has to do with the maximum distance setting to collect data. For devices named ‘@homey’ this is set to 100 kM. While for a specific LD unit this is set to 1kM. So please check the max distance setting, and make sure it is as small as possible to reduce the server load.

I hope this keeps them from blocking API use again.

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I see it works again, I had LD@Homey and my own sensor configured (as a fallback if my own sensor would go offline). I’ve removed the LD@Homey now, my own sensor set to 1 km range and polling to every 2 minutes.
This all to keep the amount of calls as low as possible.

If they change the api to be able to block specific use, maybe you can generate an ID per homey that is used when fetching data? so not every homey calls using the same ID? (if the api uses an ID :sweat_smile: )