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Hourly forecast works fine, but that hasn’t the min/max temperature capability.

You probably use Daily forecast?

Hi Andrew,

it seems you are using the “old” deprecated devices (the 3h interval forecast).

That are devices using a older API version. I’m sure the Api has changed by OWM or if there is something wrong in the app reaing the data. I will check it later. But I’m wondering that min/max temperatures are used in hourly forecast.

As best solution for the future I would suggest to move on to the new devices. They are using the new OneCall API for current weather, hourly and daily forecast. And you will get some more capabilities.
Just add the new devices, first the current weather for the location, then needed forecasts for this location. See the descriptions is the first post.

I will check the app if I can find the reaon for the missing data. I have still and old device in Homey and there I can see the last update months ago, too.

Hello @Rockhoppers ,

I found the issue. I think I accidentally removed the capability while upgrading to SDK3, because min/max temperatures are normally only provided in daily forecasts.
To get the old functionally back, I re-added this values. They should get updated now.

=> Test version 1.1.15

In addition I fixed the windangel in hourly/daily forecast, too.
The visibility seems to be ok. I think it was >1000m the last month. I have the same value and I haven’t changed this value the last month. I’ll take a look at it the next weeks.

But it’s still a good idea to switch to the new devices :wink:

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Hi Ronny,

About the Air Quality (Current) device,
It seems the triggercard “SO2 Sulphur dioxide has changed” doesn’t trigger flows.

No hurries, there are workarounds for it.


@Peter earned the :trophy: for best :beetle: hunter :laughing:

The trigger name had a space in the name so it was never executed on capability change.
It’s fixed with version 1.1.16 (waiting for review).

=> Please re-add the trigger in the flow. The old one must be changed because of the changed trigger id.

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Has anyone over here has a example of a flow that it is going to rain?
I use 3 OpenWeather tiles. 5 minutes, 3 hours and 1 day.
I had flows but they didn’t work. Sometimes 3 times a day it says it is going to rain but the sun shines.
I have no flows for example, did throw them away.

How is your location set ? It works better if you automatically location turn off and just click on the map.

On adding the current weather device, you can select your city. The lan/lot given from OWM is used. If you do not choose a city, the Homey location is used. You can adjust the coordinates in you weather device if needed.

So with a choosen city, Homeys location is not relevant.
And you can choose several cities for each device.

what device are you using? Tje deprecated ones or the new ones? If it’s still an old one, you can add a new and choose your location (city).

For rain information, I simply use the weather condition of the current weather device.

  • when the weather has changed…
  • and the weather is “rain”

That should work with the forecast devices, too. The rain in mm is the rain of the past hour (current device) or the sum of the hour/day for forecast. So it’s not so easy to work with.

Perhaps the rain perticipation could be ok, too (when >90%). But I didn’t used it and can’t say if it is a stable indicator.

You can check the insights of the capabilities if the values are corresponding with your local weather.

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@RonnyW I use the new one.
I did try it with my place but then I have never had a message that it is going to rain.
I wil try it again and make a new one with my location and see what happens.
Also thanks for the other answers.
Homey location is manual set.
In the app config I have used the lon/lat from OpenWeather. So the location shouldn’t be the problem.

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Here is a very simple check of weather condition (the current weather conditions).

I’ve tested this the last weeks with push messages. It changed to “rain” short before it was raining.
But it could be that is switching between “rainy” and “clouds” some times if it’s only rain shower and no continuous rain.

This flow is using the trigger of a changed weather condition. The condition checks on different conditions representing a kind of rain.

PS: I changed the descriptions of trigger and conditions for weather condition and specific weather condition to be more clear. So you have now “the weather has changed” and “the specific weather condition has changed” as trigger and the corresponding condition. That represents the capabilities shown in the device:
It’s included in the version 1.1.17


Actually I’m using Precipitation has changed trigger with condition weather conditions contains “rain”, just as extension to my rain sensor to put pergolla blinds down and surprisingly, it works quite well :-)) Thank you for this app, it’s great.


I don’t have those percentages in cloud cover.
Is this only for a few weather types? I’ve tried adding device again, same result.

cloud coverage (or cloudiness) is available in all devices, current weather, hourly and daily forecast:

yes I have and then only one value. What you have circled in red there are two values. at that strak bewölkt 51-84% i don’t have that.

Ah, that are weather conditions. First the main condition like clouds, rain, clear and the second one is the specific (detail) condition.
That are enum values defined by the OWM API.


In the device view, the description is displayed. The capability has the technical ID.

You can use these values as flow condition. For use as text (timeline or push), the description capability is better.

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Hello again,

here comes an update for every user who can’t use the german weather warnings app.
The OpenWeather app has included weather warnings now :warning: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :warning:

Version 1.2.0:

Add the new device as a child device for your location (like a forecast device).

You get sensor values for the current warning situation:


The app uses the OWM weather data. Depending on the source of the alerts, they can be a bit weired.
For Germany, the sour is the German Meteorological Office. But the alerts are sometimes duplicated in germyn and english - like in the example above. So please don’t wonder about such mixtures.

Here is an example of the OWM data:
As you can see, you can’t filter or group the elements. So it’s better than nothing :man_shrugging:

You can use flow trigger and conditions for the alarm and the number of alerts.
The device displays a maximum of five warnings

This new functionality is only partly tested (there are not so many alerts today). So please report issues here.

PS: The alert descriptions are stored in capabilities which can be used in flows as global tags to send the content as push message or write it to the timeline.


Very nice, Ronny, thanks!

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When I look at the weather data e.g. in the smartphone app, all the texts are in German language:

But if I want to use global tags in flows to get today’s weather forecast via TTS, then the same global tag is in English language:

Is it possible to translate the global tags also?

Hi Dirk,

that are the weather condition IDs from OWM:

The capabilities are defined as enum type (fixed list with ID and description). So you see the description on the screen but inside, the ID is used. That way only valid values can be used.
The same IDs are used in the conditions to select a value in a dropdown field.

But I’ll check if I can add a text capability for you :wink: