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Especially for you @fantross : test version 1.2.1 with… :drum:




I kept track of the max temperature between the knmi and OW for a while now. Then it is quite similar small differences with tenths. 0.5
Is it still big differences with you Homey ?

I stopt using openweather because of this ( only knmi )

I will try to check the next week

Just registered on openweathermap.org. Trying to enter an API key in my device, but I’m getting “Enter a valid API key”

I created a new (Active) API key in my account (specifically called Homey)

Any help?

edit: API key probably not actually active yet…

It takes a little while indeed

Hi @zakraket
Does it work now after a short delay?

yeah, tnx

Is it possible to somewhere see a list of all weathertypes/descriptions? Like partly clouded, fully clouded etc


Well i had some issue with knmi updating … but it did 2 hours ago. First time i compare in weeks

Knmi app = 18
WeatherPro on iphone = 18

Open weather = 16.1 !!

So thats way more the 0.5 degrees unfortunately

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@HuisCHovens @RonnyW

Same issue still is there … now the temp is 17 on the actual location.
The daly forecasted temp now is from 16.1 this morning … following the actual location ( so its 17 now )

This forecast is therefore completely not usable for me this way. a forecast is ONE expected temperature forecasted. So tomorrow the forecast in KNMI is 22 degrees … and that is what it is.
So an app should not be 20 tomorrow morning at 8.00 … and slowly rising during the day to the accurate ACTUAL temp of 22 at 17.00 ( like correctly predicted by KNMI app or weather pro for example )

apart it doesn’t make much difference with my Homey Knmi says 14.4 and openwheater 14.6

Yes with you the difference is big I wouldn’t know why so big ?

The best is still your own temperature gauge but not right in the sun haha ​​it’s hot.


Nope i am not talking on a 0.2 difference … i talked about almost a 2 degrees difference in the post above and that is to much i think. Can be a difference on going to the beach or not :grimacing:

I have 5 windows with 5 automated duo blinds. Those are automated by 3 programs i made ( dozens of flows involved ) . A program for the day is selected at the MAX EXPECTED TEMP for that day available at sunrise.

Prog 1 : below 18 … goal to keep sun out of my television only. Sunlight can come in and warm the house ( saves energy ) using the position of the sun and closing and opening blinds according sun position ( zonnestanden app )

Prog 2 : between 18.1 and 22.9 … goal to keep sun out of television … and the duo option to keep light in but direct sunlight out and keep the temperature comfortable. For example 2 fully closed and 3 in duo / halve position

Prog 3 : 23 and above … the five blinds wil stay closed to keep temperature in home as low as possible.

So you can see that a 2 degree of deference can mess up my programs completely. This worked fine for years with dark weather because that was fixed and always spot on.

And yes… i do not care about a 0.2 difference either. It can not be perfect … but 2 degrees is not workable.

Knmi app is currently messed up also by the way. This morning it stated a 30 degrees temp … despite the real forcast for my location is 22 . So that is an 8 degrees difference !!

I can’t believe we can not get an correct expected max temp in 2022 … like i said darkweather did it perfectly for years and years and i NEVER had any of my programs run wrong ( not even once in years )

I hope this can be improved … keep up the good work :+1:

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Hi Dennis,
the data is presented by OWM. And they are using data from local weather services. I don’t know the logic behind.
All you can do ist to ask OWM service where the data for your location is coming from and why it’s changing so much.
I think, it depends on the weather service behind OWM. But I’m not sure about.

That a forecast changes if the weather situation is changing is normal. But if it’s every day the same gap, it’s a bit courious. But only OWM can give some answers.