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The version 1.2.4 (currently test version) has fixed the bug in “alarm has changed” trigger.
This will break your flows if you are using it (the flow trigger id changed). Please remove the old trigger card and add the new one.
This alarm will be raised on every change in alarm content (even text, not only the number of alarms).


Hi guys,
I have a problem with the API key. I can add the default API key by hand and get the data as expected. It also updates as expected. About 30 minutes later, it switches to a red “!” and tells me, the API key is not valid. Updating the key or adding a new key (added in the OWM account) does not work.
Removing the device, adding it again and adding the default API key works again… for 30 minutes.

What am I missing out here?

What intervall are you using? You have 1000 API calls free for 24h. Perhaops the limit is reached due to a too short interval. If you have perhaps 1min interval, the set it to 10min and check if it’s stable now.
If you have several current weather devices with the same API key, the summation of all API calls wil be counted by OWM.

In addition you could check in the browser with this API URL. Setz your key and lan/lon:
https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/onecall?lat={lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}

Thans for your feedback. Time was set on 5 minutes, so that sould be fine.
Funnily a few hours later the error disappeared. Seems to work for now. Thanks :slight_smile:


How is it possible to get different notifications from Homey as the weather conditions change?

Could it be posible to get a push notification if there is a chance of thunder, rain, wind, sunny… So you could get a weather update automatically by push notifications.


You can do it individually with flows:

Send you an push message on every weather change. WHEN “The weather has changed”:

Or with a condition for a specific weather condition (here: “it’s rainy”) in the AND part of your flow.


Thank you, that seems to work!

When I run a test it says I am in Amsterdam.
Do I have to insert the Lat/Long manually?
Possible for it to see the Homey Pro location?

That’s only a default value to show what will be set in the tag.


You will get the device name if it’s triggered by a real capability change.

The settings can be done in the „Current Weather“ device. Please read this post for how to set Lat/Long.