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Ohm On WiFi - Control with resistance

OHMIGO® Ohm On WiFi can send resistance as an output signal and can replace your current temperature sensor. It is available in two versions.
In almost all types of control systems there are sensors that detect and control the current temperature.
What if one could easily replace such a temperature sensor with a new type of component that can simulate any temperature and that can be connected to the internet?

Supported flow cards


  • Temperature changed
  • Temperature becomes greater/less than Number °C
  • Resistance becomes greater/less than Number Ω


  • Set temperature to Number °C

Use cases

  • Measure temperature remotely and drive a thermostat sensor input with an Ohmonwifi to control your heating.

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Example flows

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@TobbeG , it is alive.

But at €88 / unit, it is probably the most expensive solution out there!?