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Can someone explain the difference between the different “and” options on a air to air heatpump.
Is the heat function on “mode” the same heat function as with the “full thermostat mode”, or is there any difference. I can see that the full thermostat function also has the possibility of “dry” and fan", but the heat functions looks the same for me :wink:

Hi @Stortkoker,

If you want full control of your heat pump, you can only use the Full thermostat mode set of values, which includes fan and dry modes.

The other set of values – under HomeKit thermostat modes – allows you to control your heat pump from the Apple Home app through the Homey HomeyKit app.

However, you can also use them from Homey, as they perform the same actions.
The Apple Home app does not support fan and dry modes, so the two sets of values sync as follows:

HomeKit Modes => Full Modes
Heat => Heat + power on
Cool => Cool + power on
Auto => Auto + power on
Off => Power off (full mode unchanged)

Full Modes => HomeKit Modes
Heat => Heat (power unchanged)
Cool => Cool (power unchanged)
Auto => Auto (power unchanged)
Fan => Off (power unchanged, remains on if already on)
Dry => Off (power unchanged, remains on if already on)

Note that with the full modes, you have to manage the power on / off separately.

I hope this answers your question!

Kind regards

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I am just looking for some help, I am currently running my Ecodan ASHP 24hrs on weather compensation. I was looking to see if you could set the maximum flow temperature on this curve through this app?

I want to create a flow to set this flow temperature back a couple of degrees overnight.

Many thanks


Hi @Chris_Evans,

Sorry for the delay.

Could you precise your need by providing a concrete use case and flow you would expect?

Hi @OlivierZal,

I am looking to set back the flow temperature at certain times of the day. The number I want to control is circled in red on the picture. This is to cut back the flow temp a couple of degrees without turning it on and off.

Hi @Chris_Evans, I think I get your use case but I’m still not sure about the flow you need, I’ll contact you in a direct message.