[APP][Pro] MELCloud & MELCloud Extension - Take control of your heat pump

Hi @OlivierZal
First of, amazing work with the apps!
I read the Thread but still cant really get it…
Got two aircons running and both are placed in smaller rooms which results “device reached 16 degree” way before my house is below 21 degree.
In your post from Sep 2023 u talk about the problem… but I really cant get it to work? Tried actual temp-sensors, virtual sensors but no mater what I do the units will stop cooling.

I’m running a few airco’s and I didn’t come to automating it via homey yet.In Homey insights I have a lot of Energy opties (as shown in screenshot), yet displaying most of them crashes my homey :slight_smile: . When I visual them in Grafana I see the following:

As you can see in the first screenshot (and zoomed in on the 2nd screenshot) at the beginning it contained more data but now these data don’t show up anymore:

  • daily consumed cooling
  • daily consumed heating
  • total power consumed
  • total power consumed cooling
  • total power consumed heating

Since the beginning I didn’t see any loggin of the those variables. How to get them back? Did the app change?

First of all, thanks for this great app. I’m glad this exists since the original app only supports IR controlling. I do notice some strange things lately. The sync between the settings in homey and actual settings is not always ok. And I regularly need to restart the app before it’s working again. I now have made a flow which restart the app every night out of precaution. Just wanted to let you know this.

Hi @Joel_Wedberg, sorry for the delay of my answer: kids, end of year, school parties…

Can you provide more info because I’m not sure I cet your point: what says “device reached 16°” and how do you measure that your rooms are still above 21°?

2 things are to distinguish:

  • MELCloud control, which relies on explicit API calls (from Homey): there’s no automation in there but with Homey flows

  • heatpump behavior, which relies on its integrated sensors and can self-regulate its own functioning when it thinks the temperature is reached. Some factors can induce some errors, e.g. if your device is too close to a cold source or wall, and make the unit believe it’s colder / hotter than it is: if so, you benefit from an external sensor and some Homey automation, but you will never be able to bypass heatpump behavior.

Hi @TheSource, I didn’t change the energy names in my app, and it keeps being well displayed on my device.

It happens for some users that MELCloud API (not Homey app) stops providing energy info. I’ll contact you in private message so I can investigate.

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Hi @Fransvermeer,

I’ll provide a new app version very soon, I hope it will solve the issue.

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No problem what so ever that u are “slow” haha :slight_smile: Grateful u help of all us!
Okey I will try again…

2 units which both sets to 16 degrees by flow below.

In your app I tried to set some different sensors (both real and virtuals).
I have temp-sensors in both rooms which shows more like 20 degrees.
Still will both units “turn off” the cooling and just start to idle instead.

I want them to cool as far the hardware allows until my “termometer 2” gets below 18 degrees (I know it aint covered in this flow).