[APP][Pro] MELCloud & MELCloud Extension - Take control of your heat pump

From unverified sources:
It is a issue with MelCloud server in England. The soonest repaire time is Wednesday in week 17 (24.04.2024). But it can take some more time.

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Working again now


The ability to read the outdoor temperature from the heat pump is really great!
Currently there are to When-cards associated with outdoor temperature:
When outdoor temperature is higher than
When outdoor temperature is lower than

Would it be possible to also get the more generic
When outdoor temperature changes?

Hi @Ketil_Lund, thanks for your feedback!

It’s possible via the logic flows.

I’m not able to find it. For the indoor temperature, there is a When temperature changes-card, but I can’t find a similar card for the outdoor temperature

I think that because of some bug on Homey side (not MELCloud app), the trigger card can appear / disappear, but if you try again and again, the card will show up.

In French, outdoor temperature = température extérieure

So if I understand the screen dump correctly, there is one card for if the temperature is above some limit (devient supérieur à) and one for if the temperature is below some limit (devient inférieur à), but no card for if the temperature just changes.

However, if I use a trigger card saying
When outdoor temperature is above -30
will that trigger an event every time the temperature is measured to be above -30, or just the first time?
If it is triggered every time, then this can be a workaround

Sorry, I read too fast and missed your initial point: for the moment there is no trigger “When the outdoor temperature changes” (and it’s not planned for the moment).

What would be your use case?

Because you can use the existing cards for “dynamic” flows, e.g. says that “When the outdoor temperature is inferior/superior to target temperature” (you are not forced to choose a “static value” in the when-card).

You can also make it a bit more complex by defining a custom value and says “When the outdoor temperature is inferior/superior to target temperature minus 3°”…

And with advanced flows you can create different triggers (e.g. different outdoor temperature thresholds) and link all of them to the same if-cards.

I have a heat pump at my summer house, and now that you’ve added outdoor temperature to the MELcloud-app, I was thinking some way to easily check the outdoor-temperature there, using the app.
I know I can open the device on the device tab in Homey and check the temperature there, but I was wondering if it could be done even simpler.
But it’s really no big deal :smiley:

Hi @OlivierZal, I am building my dream home and I just want to know if I am crazy or what I want to do is feasible.
I will install a Mitsubishi Zubadan PUZ-SHWM80YAA heat pump.
Here in Italy we are forced to install solar panels on new buildings, in my case 6kW, so I want to maximize self-consumption.
My idea is to:

  • put a power meter for monitoring solar panels production
  • put the heat pump thermostat in the coldest room of the house, running with Mitsubishi auto-adaptive mode, setting automatically the temperature of the underfloor water
  • control the underfloor heating of each room with an thermostatic valve head, not connected to a thermostat, but connected to a Zigbee switch (in all rooms but in the one with the heat pump thermostat, where the water flow will always be open)
  • put a Zigbee thermometer in each room (but in the one where there is already the heat pump thermostat).
    The flow I would like to create is:
  • if solar panels are producing > 3kW then 1) set through MelCloud the temperature of the room to 23 degrees and 2) set each Zigbee switch on if the temperature of the same room is < 23 degrees
  • if solar panels are producing <= 3kW then 1) set through MelCloud the temperature of the room to 20 degrees and 2) set each Zigbee switch on if the temperature of the same room is < 20 degrees
    According to you guys, is it feasible?
    Obviously integrating the power meter, the switches, the thermometer and the heat pump through MelCloud using Homey Pro.

Thanks in advance to who will find the time to reply

Hi @Andrea_Parodi, I’m maybe not the best person to answer because I don’t have an air-to-water heat pump myself, and it also depends on how your non-MELCloud devices are handled in Homey, but concerning the MELCloud app, indeed you can check / control temperatures within flows.

Thanks a lot @OlivierZal

Hi, I noticed that I’m not able to save changes to my flow due to the card “set fan speed to xx”. I get error message “Invalid format for arg” fan power" exoected “tokenid” but received “4”. The option for fan speed is a slider from 0-5.

I tried to replace the card but still same error message comes when I try to save the changes. Easy fix?

Hi @Yankie, anyone who encountered this issue solved it not only by replacing but by removing / recreating the cards. Can you please try again?

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Thanks @OlivierZal , that worked.

Anybody has an idea. Since a couple of days, the air to air device icons in homey do not show the status anymore. The flows work, turn the devices on, but the icons of the devices in homey do not turn on (show blue cooling color). And the flows also do not recocgnize the devices as on. I have already retarted melcloud app and then it showed the blue color, but a couple of hours later same problem. The devices are turned on by the flow, but the status shows off.

It seems that there is somehow a glitch with caching (?) device settings/values in the app.
Basically I have 2 different target temperatures for the hot water tank during the day: 55 °C during daytime, 48 °C the rest of the day. A flow checks that every 15 minutes and changes it accordingly.

Now what happens:

  • e.g. at 20:00 my flow changes it from 55 to 48
  • for some reasons a few minutes later (definitely no flow) it shows 55 again
  • direct access to MELCloud still shows 48 however, so the wrong value 55 does not even come from MELCloud obviously
  • so my assumption is, that this is somehow (wrongly) cached perhaps?

This happens over and over again. Can also after application restart. At least I don’t see any pattern.

Hi, indeed I’ve found a bug with display, trying to solve it asap.

The issue should be solved with the latest version.

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Hi Olivier. Thanks for the fast update. Now it shows it again. Excellent. You are really an impressive app developer. Thank you so much for this app and your constant support.