[APP][Pro] LED-Ring collection (Not compatible with Homey Pro 2023)

Thx for adding Spectrum gedimd.
Just sent “kratje bier” via PayPal :+1::pray:t2:

Thanks @HansieNL ! :smiley:

Hi Martijn, met “tekstje” bedoelde ik zoiets als een lichtstraatje met bvb je eigen naam als screensaver…


Hey @Giet,
Oh dat is wel leuk!
Weet niet of dat mogelijk is, aangezien het enkele leds zijn.

Ik zal er eens naar kijken. Ik kom er op terug

New app update (test: 2.4.3 ):

  • FIX: timeout on adding screensavers
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Hello, is it possible to add possibility of set duration of the screensavers in your app?

Hey no it’s a permanent screensaver but you can do something like this: Shared Flow | Homey

Hi Martin!
I see that you have 2 LED-ring apps. What is the differences?
Which one should you say is the less power/memory/performance consuming?


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Hey @Anders_Gregow ,
This is more a pre defined screensaver app.
The leditbe app is able to create animations from flows but you have to create them yourselves.

For this app I made it possible to disable screensavers you dont use. So it would use less memory

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Hi all,
It might be that some people are experiencing a crashing app.
I’m aware of this and Athom is checking it. It seems related to Homey firmware. Hopefully they will fix it soon! :crossed_fingers:

There’s not much from my side that I can do.

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Is it possible to make a screensaver with 3 colours? Red/green/blue

I Would like it with dutch carnival festival :rofl:

Hey @Sjoerd_Keltjens
I’ll take a look at that :smiley:

That would be great! I meant red/yellow/green :see_no_evil:

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New app update (test: 2.5.0):

  • NEW: Red Green Yellow - screensavers

@Sjoerd_Keltjens added 4 new screensavers:

  • Triangle - Red & Yellow & Green
  • Triangle Fast - Red & Yellow & Green
  • Gort - Red & Yellow & Green
  • Newtonian Lights - Red & Yellow & Green

You can test it by clicking the above link and click install. Then it will install the beta version :slight_smile:

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I Like the Triangle slow screensaver.

Also tested Gort and Newton. But on both screensavers yellow is barely visible.
After deselecting all unnecassary sceensavers I get this Error. Still all screensavers are visible.

Thanks alloth.

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New app update (test: 2.5.1):

  • NEW: Red Green Yellow - screensavers
  • FIX: error on settings page

Fixed that @Sjoerd_Keltjens

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Off topic: Familiar error…
(This only occurs with Homey cloud btw, and has nothing to do with the LED-ring app)

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Error was on my side. I didn’t send the language to the saved settings so I could not sort the screensavers.

Not sure if that’s related @Peter_Kawa ?

I wasn’t finished yet hehe.
No this is completely not related, Martijn! I just recognized the error description :grimacing:

Every time! :joy:

No problem! luckily this one is fixed :smiley:

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