[APP][PRO] Led It Be

New app update (live: 2.0.3):

  • FIX: Typo

Should be working again @Sjoerd1
Sorry about that

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No problem, thnx for the quick fix! It is indeed working again :smiley:

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I have my Homey in a place I can see it. I discovered that LED-ring collection, is more of a one time signal. Led It Be can be installed as screensaver. Yay.

All though I miss the options Pulse, Load and Spin or a solid color (with or without a very small animation, like the clouds/rain screensaver from Athom). The current animations are quite visible, so to speak.

ps: perhaps you could mention on the app page or first post that choosing black is “off”, it took me a while :wink:

Hey @Renzo
I guess it’s the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

LED-ring collection show multiple screensavers (and has a ‘off’/black screensaver)
Led It Be is more a one-off screensaver set via flows.

But indeed i’ll edit the “black” screensaver. That was only added for the support of HoMesh :slight_smile: