[APP][Pro] Led It Be (Not compatible with Homey Pro 2023)

New app update (live: 2.0.3):

  • FIX: Typo

Should be working again @Sjoerd1
Sorry about that

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No problem, thnx for the quick fix! It is indeed working again :smiley:

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I have my Homey in a place I can see it. I discovered that LED-ring collection, is more of a one time signal. Led It Be can be installed as screensaver. Yay.

All though I miss the options Pulse, Load and Spin or a solid color (with or without a very small animation, like the clouds/rain screensaver from Athom). The current animations are quite visible, so to speak.

ps: perhaps you could mention on the app page or first post that choosing black is “off”, it took me a while :wink:

Hey @Renzo
I guess it’s the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

LED-ring collection show multiple screensavers (and has a ‘off’/black screensaver)
Led It Be is more a one-off screensaver set via flows.

But indeed i’ll edit the “black” screensaver. That was only added for the support of HoMesh :slight_smile:

I installed the app on the new HP23, but I also get this error?
For example:
“Flow Card not registered (type: action, id: solid)”
“Flow Card not registered (type: action, id: lighthouse)”

Thanks for your work on all the apps though :slight_smile:

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@tweaqie unfortunately Athom doesn’t support LEDring apps on Hp23

Ah :frowning: I guess it might come later still as the animations are really limited at the moment and possibly Emile needs to do additional work on the api? :slight_smile: Cheers for the quick repsonse!

@tweaqie during the keynote they said it wont come. It will only be native implementation like the animations :confused:


It would be cool if that would work for Homey Pro’s remote Homey Bridges as well.

@Homey_User_T this app doesn’t work with Homey Pro 2023 unfortunately.

So also no support for satellites

The app doesnt work anymore for Pro 2023…

That was known from the very first AMA about the Homey Pro (early 2023) in oktober last year.
And if you even read the title of this thread you would have known too.


HP19 pro. Won’t install.

An unknown error has occurred [incompatible_app_version] :person_shrugging:

@Radon which Homey version do you have?

Sorry, should have added that. 10.0.0

@Radon thats strange. That sounds like a Homey issue. Can you send Athom a report?

Thats why i wrote this! either you fix the app or you take it away and write the app is not compatible…

Are you sure it is installed on Homey 2023.
I did try it twice and no app is installed.
From Version 2.0.4 it was prevented to install on Homey 2023.

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@Tor_Erling_Julusmoen i cant
Athom doesn’t have the option to do it as it still works on HP19

I already asked multiple times for a solution as i dont want this app on HP23 where it cannot function. But unfortunately no solution yet…


@martijnpoppen FYI it installs OK on v8.6.1