[APP][Pro] Kodi [2.6.0]

Since a few weeks I’m having some issue with this Kodi app.
I have four shield tv devices and with all of them I have connect issues. I did not change a thing but all of a sudden they could not connect anymore.
When I remove the device and add it again they are all found but again no connection (device unavailable)

What can I do or check to get connected again?


No one?
http port is 8080 and tcp port is 9090.

I am going to use this great app in a project to play movies with flows but I can see that the app is not updateded in 2 years. This might because it’s not maintained or that it works so great so no updates been needed :wink:
Will this app still be maintained?

May I also ask, while I’m here, what hardware are you using for your Kodi setup?

I used your app a lot but will you update it to sdk3? @Marvin_Schenkel

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Wondering this too!!

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Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply. I switched to home assistant a few years ago, so I am not using Homey anymore to automate my home. When I find some time, I will have a look to see if I can update the app to SDK3. But first… I got to find my Homey somewhere :slight_smile:

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That would be great, @Marvin_Schenkel!
Otherwise: would you be willing to transfer the app to another developer if you aren’t able to update and/or maintain it yourself?

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Hey Henk! I would definitely be willing to transfer the app. Do you know anyone who would want to upgrade and maintain this app?

Perhaps @Arie_J_Godschalk, who has offered this in another thread.
But I know his list is already long… :slight_smile:
He’s doing a great job for the community!

But perhaps there are other developers too who are willing…

It’s on my list indeed, but not very high: i don’t have any Kodi devices.
I first take on Apps that either require no device at all or i have at least one device for.
Else i wouldn’t know how to manage developement in a serious way.

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Totally understand it, @Arie_J_Godschalk!
Already appreciate how much you’ve done already!

Perhaps @Marvin_Schenkel finds some time (I"d be happy to buy you a few beers, hopefully a few more users will) or another developer can step in.
I understand updating to SDK v3 is one thing, maintaining it without actually having a device yourself is another.