[APP][Pro] Kia and Hyundai

Have you tried waiting a lot longer before doing the refresh? Like at leaat 15 minutes or so.

Yeah, eventually I can do a refresh that works, there is no way around this ‘delay’?

What I’m trying to do is creating a car dashboard (using hdashboards), that shows the status of the car, and have a couple of buttons to for example start the AC.
This works, but as it doesn’t also do a refresh of the status the dashboard doesn’t show that the AC is now on, and having to wait 15 mins or so before refreshing the status makes it a bit useless as I think the AC I think only runs for 10mins when not connected to a charger :slight_smile:

Kia/Hyundai is doing everything they can to discourage polling the car. So dashboarding is not a good use case unfortunately.

I can understand they would like to discourage it, however, my dashboard doesn’t really poll, when the car is parked it would only be updated (manually) with a refresh status action.

But the issue is (after doing some searching) that you apparently have to get a new stamp/hash or something after issuing a ‘write’ command (like 'start AC) which doesn’t seem to happen. I came across some talk about this in some bluelinky discussions…

Mmh. Interesting. Do you have a link to that discussion?

Sure, but there isn’t a lot of information here though:

“Invalid request body - Invalid deviceId” after a write command · Issue #267 · Hacksore/bluelinky (github.com)

I found some other page earlier that talked specifically about rotating hashes, but can’t find it now :frowning:

version 3.1.0 was just released as test: Kia and Hyundai | Homey

  • Re-login and retry on error 4002
  • bluelinky@8.3.0

@KeesHuizer this implements a workaround. Please test and let me know if it works. Note that there is an extra delay now for the retry when the refresh fails.

Yes, this is great!

It works a lot better now, I can now switch on the AC from my dashboard before I head out, and see on the dashboard that it is actually on :smiley:

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So I’m getting this when I try to add my credentials. :man_shrugging:t5:

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Aw, yeah I think that is a bug when trying to add a car. Will look at it this afternoon.

v3.1.1 is ready:

  • Fix adding new device.

please test @TheAdrianMc

I have a e-Niro with the myKia ( Kia Connect) app. I think that version is not supported, is that true?
I’ll know there are some Python scripts to read data using that API.

Yes it is. Why do you think it is not supported?

Because I cannot login. I have a username and password for mykia and I have no PIN code.

You need the KiaConnect app. PIN can be changed in user settings of that app.

That app is not supported for my my 2019 e-Niro.

Supported regions are ‘US’, ‘EU’, ‘CA’

I am in EU and have a eNiro 2019, that is supported. Why is your car not supported?

Edit: altough my car is called EV19, the reported generation is 2020. So maybe your car is from a previous generation?

Now this. :man_shrugging:t5:

Yes, SSL issue is a known problem with US/CN servers, in combination with the NodeJS version used in HP2023. Apparently older Homey’s (using an older NodeJS version) do no thave the issue.

A new library package was just released this week. Will implement it in Homey when I have time for it. I hope it addresses the SSL issue.

Edit: nope. I tested it. The new package breaks compatibility with older Homey’s (HP2016/2019).
You just have to move to EU @TheAdrianMc

Hi and thanks for a great app!

In my iphone Homey app - Kia and Hyundai app, I cannot see the battery status from the Status Indicator anymore.

If changing to any other status indicator, e.g. Range → save, the indicator and value is presented on the device tile.

Is there a config change to be made, or is this a bug that needs to be corrected?