You can toggle between activated and deactivated by pressing the object in the mobile app or right click activate in web app.

Hi Jonathan.
Yes the famous red mark :confused:
Diag report 93986b9e-df50-42fe-b439-449950b1a566.
Restarted both app & Homey - no difference.
From what I can tell from the log - my Keba went from v1.0.9 to v1.1.4 (it’s set to auto update)

my bad. it was 1.012 (21days ago) and the 1.1.4 (5 days ago)

Right - but I cannot at the moment as the unit is just in error state :slight_smile:

@Zigme the report was completely empty, so that did not help.
Can you see settings on device, if so - is the IP and Port correct and the setting for “Use Discovery” what is that set on?
This sound like a problem I hade from the begging on my own device and it had to do with discovery - but should have been solved. Maybe if possible and not much hassle - could you remove the KEBA all together and restart homey and then add/pair app again (and then send my a diagnostic report directly after).

Hi Jonathan,
I removed the unit, rebooted Homey and added it again. Seems to work now.
Thank you :):slight_smile:

@Zigme -Good it works now, sorry for any inconvenience. Not sure why it did not update graceful and hope it will work as expected in the future.
Did you do manual pairing or did it find your device with discovery?

I did a manual pairing :grinning:

man. 13. feb. 2023 12.54 skrev Jonathan Cohen via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

I tried Yesterday to Connect with the Homey Pro 2023, but it seems not to Work. I could Install the App, try to Connect to my wallbox and at this moment the App stops working .

Anyone a solution?

@Kai102 - I have not new Homey, but please send me a diagnostic report and I can try to figure out the problem.

@Jonathan_Cohen my P30X Mac starts with CC:86:EC:A1. Could you please add it?

The app worked for me for a day when I added via IP, then stopped working and I can’t readd with multiple reboots of everything.

Thank you!

Hi, I have submitted an update to homey for this.
You can test it now in test or wait a day or 2 for Homey to update it to production.

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Thank you! Now discovery worked without the IP. But now I also know that my problem is not related to this. Sent you a report via app tonight. I just don’t see any values for the wallbox. Only saw it for an afternoon when I added the wallbox. Then all values disappeared.

Hi, is this correct IP ?
Do you have multiple boxes?
I see that it connects and get a message back from it, but not the expected data and format.

IP adress is correct. I sadly have one box only. The app worked for an evening and shown data. after that I didn’t manage to show anything with all the tricks.

My UTP was on the wrong side of my house and hadn’t gotten around to moving it yet. After connecting it again, I added the charging station to the Homey PRO.

The Homey found it immediately after entering the IP address. Very nice.

But unfortunately no values ​​are coming in,

Does anyone have an idea why this isn’t working?

Hi, please try to send me a diagnostic report from the APP and I shall see if I can figure something out.