[APP][Pro] Kaiterra [Abandoned]


Adds support for Laser Egg sensors by Kaiterra. This app allows you to monitor various air quality indicators such as pm10, pm2.5, relative humidity, CO2, VOC and the temperature.

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Setup Instructions

  • Ensure that you have a Kaiterra Dashboard account and that your device is connected there
  • In Homey, add a device, enter the dasboard credentials an select your device

I just downloaded the app so I could add my new Laser Egg CO2 but after selecting the device (and before needing to enter my credentials I get the error “socket.on is not a function” - any idea how to fix this?

app not working (error socket.on), is there a solution in the meantime?

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The Kaiterra app seems to be removed… Is there another way to add the laser egg co2 sensor?

Or should I look for another co2 sensor solution?