[APP][Pro] HTTP request flow cards - HTTP request triggers, conditions and actions for flows

I own a Ducobox and it is possible to get data from the box with an URL. I want to write two values to a logic variable, but I have no idea how to do this (I have very little http knowledge). How can I write the values temp and trgt to a logic variable in Homey? This is what I get from the Ducobox:

{“node”:1,“devtype”:“BOX”,“subtype”:1,“netw”:“VIRT”,“addr”:1,“sub”:1,“prnt”:0,“asso”:0,“location”:“Duco thuis”,“state”:“AUTO”,“cntdwn”:0,“endtime”:0,“mode”:“AUTO”,“trgt”:10,“actl”:10,“ovrl”:255,“snsr”:0,“cerr”:0,“swversion”:“16010.11.2.0”,“serialnb”:“PS2048001560”,“temp”:0.0,“co2”:0,“rh”:0.00,“error”:“W.00.00.00”,“show”:0,“link”:0}

Hi @Erik, any chance this can be updated to SDK 3 to support the new Homey Pro (Early 2023)?

I’ll PayPal you for a beer if you make it happen :wink:


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Good evening,
Could this app be used to send a Curl request to OpenAI? I have a sandbox environment that is giving me random greetings, messages and varied announcements based on a set of criteria.

I am hoping to pull the output in so that my anouncements at home are not pre-scripted but generated randomly.

The issue is I can not figure out the API integration and the only way I can see it working is to use Curl… example below.

curl https://api.openai.com/v1/completions
-H “Content-Type: application/json”
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY”
-d ‘{“model”: “text-davinci-003”, “prompt”: “Say this is a test”, “temperature”: 0, “max_tokens”: 7}’

Please let me know if this is even remotely viable.


I created an app to communicate with OpenAI ChatGPT yesterday, you can find it here: GitHub - frodeheg/OpenAI

It has been sent for approval by Athom so I hope it will be public on Monday.

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I am going to keepong everything crossed!

I’ve contacted @Erik as well via direct message - no response. He doesn’t seem to visit the forum quite often.
May be somebody else can take the app over? What about you @Arie_J_Godschalk ?

Working on it. Hopefully donations will help me save for a new Homey Pro ;-).


Same for me, I’ll PayPal a beer.
Thanks for your efforts. If you need a tester, my Homey Pro arrived yesterday.

Dear Devs,

Thanks for bringing us a Homey Pro 2023 which is mostly fine working, including the migration from the Homey 2019.

A very usefull app which is missiing is the old (and unfortunately not maintened and migrated) HTTP request flow cards (HTTP request flow cards Appli pour Homey | Homey).

In Homey 2019, I used in many scripts to access devices that are not native supported in Homey app.

Certainly it will be very appreciated by a lot of Homey owners which are using ad developing a scripts and flows.

Many thanks in advance.

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Would love to see this. Cheers!

I also would like something like this, i believe it could help me trigger my cameras running with BlueIris

@Alexandre_Lechenne and @Ocyberbum : I switched to the http request cards in the logic app. Works like a charm for me, but you might have more advanced use-cases.

would mind sharing that flow, im trying to have it so when a door is open using a Aeotec sensor , it triggers blue iris, from what i see i can only have a logic app that excepts a http from blueiris


I “can’t” share the flow, as there are unique API keys involved. I use this for both GET and POST requests.

@Tiwas, thanks for your advise and your code screenshot. My problem is in fact more related to the trigger: what shall I use to trigger a HTTP POST request with endpoint that I cannot modify (for instance to use webhook): http://192.168.1.XXX/getjp

I know that then I can use the logic cards to make “the reply”.

Currently I’ve not found a solution in Homey 2023 (but I’m not a specialist) and I wrote a small piece of javascfript running in a raspberry to solve this issue. I’m interesting if someone write a Homey script to trigger such HTTP GET or POST request.

Thanks for the example, i was hoping some one would have made a blueiris plugin at one point since there are alot of people that use it but i have found one for HA and a how too,… since i run HA with my Homey i figure i can get something to work since i have no programming knowledge!!