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Thank you @robertklep !!!

Thank you @robertklep for the roadmap and being on point. Will wait for your updates.

New Homey is way too expensive for me and I definitely won’t swap all my Fibaro and other stuff for half-hearted Matter support.

Test release of HomeKitty available

HomeKitty, the follow-up to HomeyKit, is now available as a test app. See this post for more information.

HomeyKit in maintenance mode

Due to the release of HomeKitty, HomeyKit will, as of now, drop into maintenance mode, meaning that I will probably do one or two new releases (including an upgrade to SDKv3) but no more. Once HomeKitty is published as a stable v1 in the app store, I will ask Athom to hide HomeyKit from the store.

The latter should not has any consequences for existing users, but it will prevent new users from being able to install HomeyKit as a new app.


SDKv3 support added

The current test release, v5.0.0, now supports SDKv3: HomeyKit | Homey

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Why did you finally decide to update HomeyKit?
Just out of interest.

Because a lot of very nice people donated money so I could order a new Homey Pro on which I can properly test HomeyKit and HomeKitty. I couldn’t wait for the new hardware to arrive because as of right now, Athom is still planning to remove the availability of SDKv2 apps from the app store in a few days time.


Is there a reason why suddenly all of my Aqara and Shelly devices would be removed from HomeyKit? If it helps, the devices I have are Shelly Plug S, Shelly 2.5, Aqara water leak sensors and door sensors and a light sensor. The only thing that changed between yesterday and today (when the devices disappeared) was the 8.1.3 Homey update. Did anyone experience anything similar?

Did you restart Homey and/or HomeyKit?

I realised that I did not express myself clearly enough. The devices were removed from Home app in HomeyKit app. Does that make sense? It looked as if I chose to remove them there even though I didn’t. So it was relatively easy to add them again. The most of the work was changing the devices’ icons, re-adding them to the right rooms, re-creating some automations that I had in the Home app instead of Homey.

So they were disabled in the HomeyKit settings and you had to enable them again? Very strange.

FWIW, I would suggest moving to HomeKitty eventually, it’s a bit more robust in handling devices (plus I’m not developing HomeyKit any further). It will require you to set up all devices in the Home app again, though.

Yes, exactly. Thank you for the suggestion. I have been following the thread for HomeKitty for now but I guess it is time to move. Re-adding and re-configuring all of the devices will probably only take 30 min or so, so jot so bad.

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Just wanted to chip in that I had the exact same experience as @Krzysiek today. Really strange. About 50% of all my HomeyKit devices had been removed. Had to re-add them again in the configuration screen.
Planning to move to HomeKitty when my new Homey arrives.

Make sure to install the test version of HomeKitty on the new hardware: HomeKitty | Homey

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Do you recommend version 2.0 for both the old and the new Homey pro? I should get the new one in the coming weeks but I have not decided yet if I will migrate to it or not. I would be happy to start testing HomeKitty on the old one straight away.

Yes, the aim is that 2.0 should work on both Homey’s.

10 days of using HomeKitty and I had no issues so far. Thank you for your work!

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Homey Pro 2023 support

I just pushed HomeyKit v5.1.0 as test release to the app store. This version should run on HP2023.

However, I would like to stress that HomeyKit is still deprecated and moving to HomeKitty is strongly recommended!

There are some issues with HomeyKit that will be very difficult to solve without an extensive rewrite, due to changes in the underlying libraries that Athom provides which are not backward compatible. These issues have already been solved in HomeKitty.


Hi Robert,
I am completely new in homey (used homee the last years) and have the HP2023 since few days.
I activated HomeKit in Experimente in homey but it works not good. Fibaro Roller Shutter are without function and the rest is also not perfect.
You have two Apps, which one should I install?
Before installing i should deactivate HomeKit in Experimente, right?
Thanks a lot

You should install HomeKitty, specifically the current test version of the app: HomeKitty | Homey


Hi. Does anybody have an answer to why my Danalock (zigbee)suddenly dissapeared from Apple Homekit after update. When i add it from Homeykit and reboot the Homeykit app its not added again??