[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Hi there, sure I can. :slight_smile:
Nice app idea btw!

Regarding the images. Do you want any Homey to be able to be a satellite, eg. another Homey Pro 2023, a Bridge or an older homey? Or do you want to keep satellites to old Homeys?

Edit: late on this ball, it’s already underway so I’ll grab a beer and update some SDK2 apps instead :rofl: :rofl:


Hi everybody. Well this was fast, from idea to app in a matter of what a couple of days?

Can I just ask a couple of questions, so in this stage you have two homeys pro, whichever if I understood 2018, 2019, 2023, and on one you install satellite on the second controller app. Those two pair.

However devices added to satellite do not automagically appear in the controller rather you manipulate with devices on the satellite over flows in controller, right?

I was under the impression only pro 23 can be controller

with the “official” Homey 2023 controller it will be like that, and a bridge can be a satellite, as stated in the keynote. In this case it’s a community app that will run on any Homey Pro as a controller (not the bridge) and can connect to any Homey Pro as a satellite. so it’s a bit different, might work in a different way than the “official satellite with the bridge”, but the end results for both will be awesome and create so many new opportunities.

I know this is about Arie’s app😊

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Hey Peter,

I am not making any restriction myself, so no, the Homesh Controller App can be installed on any Homey Pro devices.

However, Homesh Satellite will have abilities that will only work on the "old White Balls"and not the Early 2023.
I don’t know yet if apps can be made in a way that you can install it on 2023 and use it without the non-existing features. If so, the Satellite could be installed on a 2023. If not, then not :wink:


Thanks for explaining Arie. It’s a stunning project!

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This is an concept and I’m working on it what are the thoughts ?

@Arie_J_Godschalk You can as long as you put checks around it:

Homey.platform === 'local' && Homey.platformVersion !== 2

But maybe the permissions part (like homey:manager:ledring) will be an issue :confused:

Well there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • I hope to be able to use Soundboard on the NEW pro 2023, as it will ditribute the files to the satellite itself to keep control in just the Controller.
    But currently it says it cannot be installed on 2023. I have no idea why when i look at the sourcecode! I think Athom has it manually tagged.
  • I have no idea what ahappends when you try to reference an App that does not work on 2023. Can it be filtered out?

So, i guess, it’s mostly about the permissions and what that means for app availability.

@Arie_J_Godschalk looks like soundboard is still SDK 2.

For the permissions part, i can check it. The ledring apps are almost live on SDK 3. We will see what the message will say :slight_smile:

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me too

Speech permission does not seem to be blocked, so ledring permission might also not be blocked (odd, I know :upside_down_face: )

Mqtt client is sdk3, uses speech and is allowed to pro 23 (but maybe Athom’s filter doesn’t work 100% yet :crazy_face: )

Anyone who wants to test it, the sourcecode is now public:

QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.homeshcontroller — Bitbucket

QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.homeshsatellite — Bitbucket

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That’s my concern as well, asked it in the AMA topic:

Ledring was updated to SDK 3 and seems like it works on Homey 2023? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Martijn for the nice first development together!

Screensavers from the LED collection can now we set through a flowcard in the Controller.
No need to do anything on the Satellites.



I have created a flowcard to play files on the Satellite, directly from the Micro Web Server app.
It lets you select a file and play it on Homeys (Satellites).
This way you can control the files on the Controller while playing it on the Satellite(s).

Also, it allows for files larger then 900Kb to be played. :slight_smile:

Play File




This currently works already, but i get the file lists through the FTP client, which means the Ftp Server from the Micro Web Server needs to be active while editing flows (autostart is available in MWS).
(The url that is used in the background is to the HTTP source, so the flows will work when ftp is down, just not the editing).

You can set the Ftp Port in the App Settings. Default is 5081 as is default by the Micro Web Server.

It’s on BitBucket: QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.homeshcontroller — Bitbucket

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Impressive again. Would it be possible to command f.i. Broadlink app on a satellite directly?

Well i always like to say: anything is possible. But, maybe best to first explain what you mean, because i don’t use or know that app :wink: