[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Indeed. A few posts earlier a workaround is presented, Michael:

But maybe Arie has some ideas for including those special characters

Your right, i need to fix this in the app.


Great work with this app. It fixes my disappointment when I discovered my new homey has no speaker.
When the new homey pro 2023 is restored from backup and up and running. Do I need to completely reset the old one to factory settings? Or just remove all apps on it?


Yeah, else stuff will interfere with each other, like zwave.

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Wondering whether the satellite Homey will function as a zigbee range extender if connected to the controller Homey.

Read through the various comments and saw that @Heula asked the same question; the answer was to connect it via the old Homey Mobile App as client. I do not have this old app and I am wondering whether setting the old Homey (2016) up as a satellite (with my new Homey (2023) as controller) might also work?

As you might guess I am looking for a zigbee range extender and since I have an old 2016 Homey lying around it would be great if I can use that one. If not I will purchase a dedicated device :slight_smile:

If you mean Homey bridge as satellite:
Yes, it acts as any other mains powered zigbee device: as router / hop for other zigbee devices to use to connect with the zigbee controller.
But, a, say, Ikea smart plug can do the same for €9,- :thinking:

Not as range extender/router/hop;

Yes, you can use it to create a second zigbee mesh, for the ‘far away’ devices.

Then, with the briljant app set “Homesh Controller/Satellite”,
you can control these devices with your main Pro, and those devices can control your main Pro

Weird ‘solution’?
The new mobile app version also works with the bridge and Pro 201x?
Just add a Homey cloud instance to the app, and add the bridge to it.
Then you have a 2nd zigbee controller with which you can build another mesh network, controlable through webhooks via internet.

Indeed, in the old Homey Mobile app, you could configure (at least zwave) to join another controller.
However, in the new/current Homey app, they seem to have removed the option to connect to another network.

Using the old Homey as extender doesnt seem possible anymore that way.

But like @Peter_Kawa said: yoy can use it to create a second network (which i dont think you want in thise case) or use any 230v powered device since they also repeat/extend.

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Ah I see, didn’t know about that.
I don’t use zwave, and with zigbee I did not discover any setting or option to join another zigbee controller. But maybe I missed it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • Zwave

  • Zigbee

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Thanks @Peter_Kawa @Arie_J_Godschalk - in the end I took the easy way out and got some Tradfri zigbee range extenders. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time at the moment to experiment and I don’t want to mess up my current setup :slight_smile:

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I managed to get my hands on another Pro 2019, 2y old, only €100,- This app set was the first I installed!


Hi, great app to use the sound and LED ring features of my “old” Homey Pro 2019. I was wondering if there are plans to also support “virtual devices”. Dispatching events through flows is great however it would be even better to be able to add devices in the Homesh controller that mirror the devices of the satellite. E.g. I do use the satellite with a Bluetooth beacon that would be out-of-range for the controller. Same for a 433MHz climate sensor. Of course I can connect the flows, but it would be great to be able to have those devices on the controller’s dashboard where I do have all the other devices connected to.

Is there any way to achieve that? I already do have “device capabilities” installed and created some advanced virtual devices from variables reading some http request. So probably if one could push values from satellite devices into some controllers’ “better logic variables” that would work somehow, too. Certainly not as elegant as having true device clones out-of-the-box though. Did anyone successfully try that?

Tried it myself… Maybe others do find it useful.
So basically I also installed the Homesh controller app on my old Homey Pro 2019 and the satellite app on the new Homey Pro 2023. Before I only had it opposite because I actually just wanted to trigger LED ring and speakers with the new Homey Pro 2023. However you can also set it up bi-directional.
Reason is that only the controller app can call triggers on the satellite and I need to push values.

So I do have a 433 MHz temperature/humidity sensor attached to a garden box and a Gigaset bluetooth beacon. Both have limited range so I still had to connect them to the “old” Homey Pro 2019 being closer.

Then set up a regular update on the controller-side with the “real devices” where you send the values of all 4 readings (gardenbox_temperature, gardenbox_humidity and gigaset_gtag_signal_strength numbers and gigast_gtag_detected boolean) to some trigger on the other side, i.e. the new Homey Pro 2023 being the satellite.

On the receiver side the values are stored in better logic variables. This way one can create advanced virtual devices on the Homey Pro 2023 reading those variables being the satellite in this case.
Voilá… Device clones of a remotely connected Homey Pro 2019 on my master Homey Pro 2023.

Quite some effort and not as elegant if it would come out-of-the-box (btw: an bi-directional Homesh app would be cool, too), but doable.

Have fun, Michael

Hi Michael. Thanks for sharing these ideas! That got me inspired.

I was also wondering for an easy way to ‘mirror’ devices from Sat to Ctrl or the other way round. I also installed both Homesh apps on both Homey’s.
For me there’s no need to use Better Logic, while you can store and update values of AVD capabilities directly with the flows.

Instead of a time trigger, you can consider trigger the flow “event driven”:

There’s probably a good reason is why it’s designed to be a 1-way app set.
Possibly because of the initial idea: to be able to control the LED, & sound and such of the Pro19 by the Pro23.

Alternatively, you can use MQTT.
With the MQTT Hub app, you can create virtual devices which can subscribe to device topics and their payloads (the values).
It’s responds to changed values, no flows needed.

Thanks for the hint that one can skip the BL variables. Didn’t know that flow card. That’s easier. :slight_smile:
For the event-driven updates your right. That would be better. Unfortunately at least the Beacon app has no event for signal strength changes, just beacon inside/outside/changed, so I might stick with the timer and probably just extract the climate sensors. As I don’t have advanced flows for Homey Pro 2019 bulk updates might less work anyhow as one can send up to 10 values per type. At least as long as there’s no need for immediate updates or the timer executes too often. So probably depends what works best for each use case.
Haven’t through about MQTT yet. Seems to be a good idea to reconsider in case I’d have a lot of devices connected to the other Homey. Currently I only have one more Popp Z-wave outdoor metering plug in mind which is also out of range as it’s the sole z-wave device I have, hence no mesh.
Thx for sharing all ideas.
Best regards, Michael

Thank you, Michael.
I have to dig through the MQTT virtual device as well, it’s not really plug n play to build it :wink:

Is there a way to start a flow on the satellite from the controller?


I’m a bit confused about this, can you explain this to me in more detail? I cannot discover the flow that I created on the satellite as a THEN card on the controller

I have had problems with flow naming. Try to use underscore instead of space, like my_fancy_flow. Maybe it could be a problem with special characters like * / & and others also?

Well my sat flow is called “Wecker” but it still doesn’t appear in the flow list on the controller
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-04-03 11-39-49