[APP][Pro] go-e Charger

Dear Tapio, thank you very much for this great app, I just installed it (in parallel with the old one for the moment, I hope it won’t be a problem…), my CM-03 version of the charger installed perfectly immediately :smiley:

I would like to make a few comments, maybe this will help to improve some details:

  1. In the Homey app (iOS), when you click on SINGLE PHASE CHARGING, there is an error banner at the top in red that says Missing Capability Listener: is_single_phase.

  2. I have the impression that the app currently considers single-phase charging as the exception, even though it is an important charging method as electric vehicles that charge from 1’400 W (i.e. one phase/6A). For a dynamic charge management as I described here, the " single phase " part is also very important, too. However, I have the impression that the THEN card Set single phase charging to Yes/no is a bit confusing, you have to understand that by setting no, you activate the 3 phase charging, which is not very intuitive. Wouldn’t it be better to put two THEN cards, either one Set charging phase number to 1 and one Set charging phase number to 3, or just one Set charging phase number to X card with a choice between 1 or 3? This is just a suggestion.

  3. Is the WHEN “Charging ended” or “Charging started” card be missing? Or is there another way to simulate it?

  4. Would it be possible, in the THEN Change current limit to X card, to also choose intermediate values (without using a variable…) like 7A or 9A for example?

  5. There are actually 2 versions of the go-eCharger HOME (the HOME+ and the HOMEfix, only the end of the cable changes, once with CCS plug and once without, but people may not know that this is the only difference). However, the description of the app always talks only about the HOME+. I would either remove the “+”, or I would put “HOME+ & HOMEfix” everywhere. For the Gemini, it’s less of a problem because it exists without any precision, or else in a “flex” version with the CCE plug.