[APP][Pro] Go-e Charger electric car charger

Review for the new app is been paused by Athom. As it is, they do have a policy of one app per brand.

@Tim_Willemsen has transferred this app to me. I’ll be sorting out the publishing of the new app with Athom next.

I hope to:

  • Deprecate this app and leave it available for the time being
  • Release the new app and leave everyone time to migrate flows

I won’t be migrating this app to SDK3, meaning that this app will not work with Homey Pro 2023. However it will continue to run on your existing setup. You just won’t be able to install new devices with it.

I will inform here also, when the new app is available and you can start testing it in your setup. Should note that not all triggers and conditions are exactly the same and some logic changes may be required in your flows.
There is a few sample advanced flows already visible in the new app topic as posted before ([APP][Pro] Go-e Charger electric car charger - #122 by OH2TH)

If you see already now something that is missing in the new app, please let me know. For example you can’t setup the same with your existing flows.

Update 2022-01-06: Review process is moving forward. I have received some branding advice for the app to be fixed and done so. We should have the new app available soon.
**Latest update: App is live

One note, had to make a quick patch to make “Then…” action cards available to classic flows also.
So if you do not have advanced flows, you may want to check the test version if you are in a hurry :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the information, this is great news :slight_smile:

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Hi Tapio, that’s great.

I’ve had to install the test version of the app, because the V2 doesn’t have any ‘then’-cards (in classic flows) in the live app.

While testing I also noticed that it’s not possible to ‘tap’ the app icon to either allow or disallow charging. This was a feature I used a lot in the old app. Now the icon is always on. Perhaps that’s one to fix.

Best regards,


there you go :wink:

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Dear Tim and Tapio, after having enjoyed the function of Tim’s app for several years the transition to the new app was flawless. Thanks for bit of you, Guus

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@OH2TH this concerns the ‘onoff’ capability (a special capability) with the uiQuickAction option.

Went live today and that is now fixed.

Did a fix for that, and it is now in test.

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Just a reminder here also, that anyone still using he old app for Go-e Chargers should install the new app

Now that summer is here and the temperatures are rising, I am seeing some crashing of the old app when the device internal temperature exceeds 50C. This issue is fixed in the new app.

So remaining users go ahead and click above to install the new app and configure your flows to use it instead.


Hi @OH2TH , Thanks for great app! Any plans for go-e Controller: PV Surplus Charging, Dynamic Load Balancing & More | go-e ?

Maybe at some time. I do not have it myself, so wouldn’t be able to test it.

API for is separate from the ones for the chargers. Possibly a separate app might be logical.