[APP][Pro] FTP Client - Control FTP Servers through a directory-based UI in the Homey App or Web App

Working on it!

Finishing the UI and UX for the direct folder/browser based explore, then i’ll add the diverse “upload” and “download”/retrieve as image/token/base64 flowcards.

Okay, version 1.0.4 is live: Drag And Drop, ContextMenu/Right-click/Long-Press etc all supported for mobiles now!

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And now its working with larger files. And i see that homey something is doing :+1:

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I uploaded, from a remote location, a 10MB mp3 to my nas (which runs in a VM on a Nuc) :partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just updated to 1.1.0. Its live.

The Basic UI is done, and Drag and Drop with Scrolling works very neat on mobile and web aswell.

In Test:

A new flowcard: Retrieve image as token/tag. :slight_smile:

You can use this for instance with the Advanced Virtual Devices from Device Capabilities which also has a new function: Camera images can now be set through a flowcard (instead of a url) with a image-token.

So you can update your AVD camera image with images on your FTP or on your Homey.

I’ll show it in the [APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Hey Peter, see the new (in test) flowcard. It lets you retrieve (one) image as token which you can use in another app (like AVD → set camera actioncard :slight_smile: )

I will create a flowcard to retrieve files based on a query-like system.
This will give you back an array/collection with filenames.
Then, with the Loop-system! from the JSON handler App, yoiu can loop / goto all items in the collection, retrieve the image as token and send or save it.

I think this is the only way it will work, because all other apps/flowcards can always(!) one handle one image-as-token.
And this way, you can use it any way you would like.

I will give the JSON handler flowcareds better descriptions as i walk through it…

@Arie_J_Godschalk, is also this function to upload a screenshot via tag card?

Not yet, but there will be :wink:

Okay, next up:

  • Flowcard: You can retrieve all files from a folder as JSON Array/Collection.
  • Flowcard: Get a Image Token from path.
    This one is actually the same flowcard as Get Image Token from dropdown, i added a optional sub-path to it).

What can you do with it (not write yet, that’s next @B3rt :wink: ) :

You can Loop through all files in a folder and do something with the images, like send them to your phone, or (maybe later) save them on an external FTP somewhere.
You can also loop through them and set them as images for the AVD camera.

Use the JSON Handler to loop through a collection within flows:

In this flow from left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

  • Retrieve all files from the Images directory.
  • Start Set Camera Image for each Item in the Files Collection and wait to finish.
    • Set Camera Image is started with item for each item in the collection.
    • Retrieve Image Token for item.
    • Set the image of Test image (AVD Camera) to Image-Token.

JSON Handler, Device Capabilities and the FTP Client app al in in test/review.

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Okay @B3rt , @HuisCHovens and @Peter_Kawa : Save an Image Token to FTP is now in test:

I did make a few important changes in the sourceode, so please test it well :wink:

Directories are created if needed.

It’s in test now!

I’m still testing JSON flow, I can’t get a pic out of it yet :upside_down_face:

Tried the anonymous MWS and my NAS, send pics to messenger next to the AVD cam.
I can’t run the flow in Test mode, while the JSON triggercard doesn’t get triggered :wink:
At least the ‘Get files’ card and ‘Start Nas-cam-pics’ card don’t error in flow testmode.

But you can execute the Get Files and get the resulting token.
Now take out one filename out of the array, without quote’s, just the path-and-filename, and manually execute the trigger with that filename.

And, share the resulting token with me please?

You mean this triggercard? Because it doesn’t work with the "Get files from …(JSON) triggercard.
Screenshot from 2022-10-29 14-50-32


  • with 1 file in a folder:
    (Files (JSON)) result =

  • with multiple files in a folder:
    (Files (JSON)) result =

Timeline notifications with the tags from the JSON Handler trigger card:
index: 0 — itemNo: -1 — Item text: foto/2019/Navarone_Paradiso/20191022_212302.jpg — Key: 0 — Text1:

index: 1 — itemNo: -1 — Item text: foto/2019/Navarone_Paradiso/20191130_210708.jpg — Key: 1 — Text1:

The cards which “send [image]” don’t seem to respond. I used these 3 cards:
Screenshot 2022-10-29 at 15-01-21 1.HomeyPro Peter

I tried this with the path-and-filename with the GET image token card, it does not trigger any cards

Hey Peter, would you try this one with “foto” as Select An Image Or Directory, and the rest (2019/Nava…) in the path field? And check if that works?

Hi Arie, I thought you were off for the weekend :wink:

It does not matter if i use a / in front of 2019/Nava… or not
Screenshot from 2022-10-29 15-48-21

Same error for when I pick the path, and only enter the filename with or without /
Screenshot from 2022-10-29 16-17-13

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Im just on my phone :wink:

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I’m off, and you’re off too :wave::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In the last image, you have a slash to much at the start of the path, there already is a slash there.
(Ill also fix it in the source to filter out two slashes.

I tried with and without the slash, it made no difference. But now I know the slash in the card is included in the path :upside_down_face:

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