[APP][Pro] Flow Utilities

I’m not sure what you mean…

But in your example First Last is the value of the name tag that is provided in the presence trigger, I’m assuming.

I updated the last image from message above, hopefully this clarifies it for you.

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App update: (Live: 1.6.4 )

  • OPT Improved formatted text (action card) variable label

I am really sorry but your example point 3 seems what I am doing. I do not see the need for the extra card “bevat”.

If you build a second flow for Someone leaves home, then you will need to create a new variable called TestRobot2, at least that is what I experienced.
Or do I fail to see it ?

2 variables will work for sure. Otherwise both flows will overwrite the 1 variable value.

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I am looking for a way to create flow context variables, so in Homey those are Tags
I want to use the Enter a number that then becomes available as a Tag. For text there is one in the Logic section, but not for numbers and booleans. Now you need to define them all as variables, but that list is getting to long. If there is a Create [Text] as Tag why not for the others?
Something you might add to this awesome app?
(in case I am missing this option somewhere else in Homey I am open to suggestions :wink: )

I see that Atom indeed only added text to tag.

It sounds like a good addition to the Flow Utils app to have numbers & boolean as well.
I will have a look

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Thanks a lot for this great app !!
I have a question:
I would like to be able to know the durations some lights are ON for exemple on a daily, week or month basis? Is it possible with your app? I tried but it keeps only the last duration the lights were ON, and everytime i light them again, the value is replaced…Thanks by advance…
Kind regards

Hello @Vez_LeVez,

Unfortunately the duration action card is not intended and made to log data for (day, week or month).
We just calculate start and stop time difference. As mentioned before this is done to minimise Homey process resources.

I would suggest to see if there is any other app where you can log or dispatch duration data coming from the duration flow card.
Maybe Device Capabilities App voor Homey | Homey is something that would fit your needs and you can make use of Homey insights.

@Vez_LeVez I have made for fun a timer with the Chronograph app. Only to see how long the light is on.
Maybe you can make some variables and store them in a log file.
How exactly I don’t know, just a idea.
Btw, my “light on” timer is 20 days, 0 hours, 1 minute and 5 seconds.
And Homey has had some updates and has been restarted for a couple of times.

Or write it to Google Sheets?

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Hello @RobbertV,

Thanks a lot for taking time to answer it’s very appreciated !
I understand, i tried to make something with Device Capabilities App voor Homey | Homey but didn’t manage to.
I will have to try again.
Thanks !!!

Hello @Mike1233,
Thanks for answering too!
I use this great app for timers with sensors and it’s working perfectly.
But how would you add every value to have a total like you have ?
Is there any card for this? with Variables like you suggested ? @Hielke_de_Jong Thanks also for answering here ! Google sheets ?
Thanks again !!!

App: Google Sheets App for Homey | Homey

Thanks !!!
now i have to figure why it does write the stopwatch 3 times when it stops…

never seen that kind of behaviour :thinking:

I am sooooo Bad with these things…i should have made a wrong thing…

App update: (Test: 1.7.0 )

  • New Add Boolean & Number flow tag action cards

FYI: @Kaoh


typo: Flow Utilities
“Maak Ja/Nee aan als ja/ee flow tag”; one n too less :slight_smile:


App update: (Test: 1.7.1 )

  • New Add Boolean & Number flow tag action cards
  • FIX Flow card typos
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Sorry for the late reaction. I don’t know exactly how I did it. :grinning:
I will let you know.

I did this with Advanced Virtual Device.