[APP][Pro] Flow Checker

The variables which were previously marked as “Unused Logic Variables” are no longer listed in this category. :+1:t3:

Thx Martijn!

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Awesome! :tada:

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Just installed it, Martijn. Cool, it went from 12 to 5 “unused” vars!
And the last 5 really were unused, so I removed them right away.

Over 19MB’s while the checks run you mean? :grimacing:. It’s ~15MB average by the way.

Yea I’ll keep an eye on it.

Good stuff :smiley:
19MB is still okish.

When you see what kind of code is running :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe you :+1: hehe

The interval is set to 60mins , I was playing with that setting to lower the RAM usage as much as possible.

Allright, about the load with v1.16.0:
It looks like it grew 4 to 5 MB’s, 18 to 19MB’s average. Still OK!

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Yes was expecting that. It added quite some more load. I’ll check if I can tweak it a bit :slight_smile:

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New app update (live: 1.16.0.):

  • NEW: find nested logic variables in other apps THEN cards to prevent false positives

Will take the memory tweaks along with the other feature requests :slight_smile:


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I don’t have such big memory peaks. The peaks are more or less 1 MB.

I couldn’t also recognize no increasing of the average load.

Nice @fantross
In case of no complaints I leave it as is :smiley:

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Here’s no complaint: it’s running 17.5MB now, interval = 60 :wink:

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Would it be possible to monitor status of performed actions? E.g. if I tries to turn on an unreachable swich I will, after 30 s, see a banner in the Homey app notifying me of the unsuccessful status. Is this possible to monitor and create a flow trigger?

Hey @Anders_Gregow
Nice Idea
I’ll check the possibilities

Will be something like a flow failed


Nice, thanks.
Maybe also a check if a device becomes invalid?

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Hi @martijnpoppen , I was just deleting one of the devices and was hoping that Flow Checker will trigger alert (at least I really think I used it somewhere :slight_smile: ). But seems it’s not the case, more over I see old broken flows, which I fixed. Can you check, if there is anything wrong?


Also got this error when enabling flow checks on start - 2nd attempt was already ok.

Thank you.

Does running this flowcard make a difference?
‘Update broken flows and variables’

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Checked the logs but nothing strange there

About the API error that sometimes happens when the app is still starting and the settings are not ready yet.

I’ll make a loader for that someday :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did the update solve your problem? I am getting a similar message as well…

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘includes’)

Edit: okay, it’s obviously late - the message is not similar at all.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this one?

Hey @dzt
Not sure where that came from
Can you share a diagnostic report?

More - apps - flowchecker - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

Hi Martijn!

Thank you very much. I’ve created a raport few moments ago.
I’ve reinstalled the app. It’s been this way from my first install few days ago.


Best regards

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Hey @dzt
Can you try to restart the app
Looks like it’s missing some config. :thinking:
That should be fixed on startup.

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