[APP][Pro] Flow Checker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q0: Does this app work on my Homey?
A1: Homey Pro: YES
A2: Homey (Early 2016): YES
A3: Homey (Early 2018): YES
A4: Homey (Early 2019): YES
A5: Homey Cloud (Bridge): NO (Status: checking with Athom)

A6.1: All old Homey’s are Pro now. (The white ball) Only with less cpu and memory.
A6.2: HOMEY is now a cloud service you can run free or with subscription and a Bridge as a local antenna.

Q1: How to disable notifications
A1: Go to the app settings and un-tick the notification settings

Q2: I got a rate_limit error
A1: In this case you got too many flows which are reporting a status. This happens only on the first load of the app. After that the app only report single flow issues. Once the list with flows is made. To get rid of the rate_limit issue you have to restart your Homey or wait for a couple of Hours. This is limitation in the Homey codebase