[APP][Pro] FACE++ Face Recognition for Homey

Do you have to have an external trigger to make this work?
For instance, can you make this work without the motion sensor? Can you use the builtin motion detection in the camera to start the search?

You always need a trigger to start any flow. If the camera has built in motion detection, and homey has an app for that camera that turns this into a Homey trigger (such as the Foscam app or the Onvif app), this works. In above example the flow is triggered by the built-in motion detection from the ring camera.

Yeah, I thought as much. I have a Hilvision camera, but the Hikvision app isn’t all that great. I have tried the ONVIF app which seems better, but i still cant get the Flows right. I suppose i have to use 3 flows like you did with the ring cam, but I cant for the life of me get it right

What would be very nice here is to embed the recognition algo in the app :grin:… Thanks to this kind of library : GitHub - justadudewhohacks/face-api.js: JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and nodejs with tensorflow.js


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Face++ has great potential for recognising family and visitors. In the Face++ api I see it can recognise faces and potentially also body’s. Recognising body’s and avoid false positives caused by trees, clouds, wind, birds etc would be a perfect improvement.

Is it possible to use the API and detect bodies in stead of faces?

Object detection and classification is not something I want to support in this app because it is about face recognition.

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firstly, let me say thank you for this great app. Unfortunately, I am unable to run it. I have Doorbird added to Homey and sent last doorbell snapshot to Face ++ to recognice the face. But I am unable to specify in the trigger “When” which face/ person should be on the picture. There is flow card named “Face is detected” after I choose this card there is many tags examples but I am unable to click and choose any item. I can click only on the confirm button located in the top right corner without any choice in the “when” card. There should be something “when” “this person is detected” Could you please point me how to do this? Because When I save the flow with trigger “When face is detected” everytime I press doorbell button and send the picture to your server the flow started eventhought nobody is on the picture snapshot. Thank you very much.

Not sure I understand but :

  • detection trigger (eg. doorbel has been rang)

  • and then action if Face detected

…two flows, one for sending the picture to Face++, 2nd to be triggered when face has been found and which one (based on those you learned/saved in Face++)

Sample flow is here: [APP] FACE++ Face Recognition for Homey - #140 by Gruijter

But for doorbird I do not know how you can trigger making a snapshot at the right moment. Does it have motion detection? Or do you trigger based on the doorbell being pressed? In any case you must make sure that the snapshot contains a face. If it doesnt have a face, face++ will not be able to do anything with it.

So first you need to check if the snapshots you create contain a face of good enough quality.

yeah, of course, I have two flow. One flow sends snapshot from doorbird HD camera to the Face ++. “When doorbird rings/ the doorbell button is pressed” “then find the face and on the tag selection I choosed latest doorbird doorbell snapshot, of course, there is good quality photo”

Butthe problem is I am unable to specify on the second flow nothing in the “When trigger” there is only “When face is detected” but on this flow card there is many examples but unable to choose specify Face or camera. It is unable to click or choose some value there. And from this reason after I press doorbell button, camera takes photo, send it to Face ++ and the flow starts eventhought nobody is on the photo.

Doing anything wrong? Where I can specify which face to do which actions? In the “And” colum card section is unable to specify nothing, there isnt Face ++ section…

Thank you for your help

New version 1.2.2 is on it way. Just some updates under the hood:

  • Fix HTTP(S) timeout.
  • Improved logger.
  • Update jimp@0.16.1

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It searches for faces.
But it needs screenshots to search for the faces?

It needs a picture to compare it to, otherwise it does not know who you are :slight_smile:
And it checks the picturehash, so it would still need a picture (probably thats what you mean by screenshot?), it can’t compare just on a video stream

Has anyone managed to get this working with Eufy Pan/Tilt camera? If yes can you share the flow with me :slight_smile:

upload a licenseplate as picture wil do the trick


Could it be that the APP currently does not install?
Or maybe I need to do something extra to get the APP in Homey?