AI human body detection in images

Hi everyone,

I have a idea for developers who might be interested in creating a new Homey app. The problem I want to address is false detection from security cameras and doorbells, where the camera indicates that there’s a person present when, in fact, there’s nothing there. Often, these false alarms are triggered by animals like spiders.

I’m looking for a developer who can create an app for Homey that uses AI technology to detect people in images. It would be similar to the Face++ app, but instead of focusing on facial recognition, it would be designed to identify people. This could help reduce false alerts and improve security.

The great thing is that the cloud for person detection already exists and is the same as the Face++ cloud. We just need a new integration to make this work. I have several types of cameras and i’m willing to test and provide feedback.

Cloud link: Body Detection - Face⁺⁺ Cognitive Services