[APP][Pro] Eufy Clean

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I’m sorry I wrote it down in Dutch, the problem is I don’t have the option to DM you that @JPe4619 shows above. Not sure why, maybe because I’m new and I need to earn it somehow?

But yes I’m looking for a way to retrieve the keys for my X8 in Homey. Thx!

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Not sure why I’m not getting that option, but thx


New users aren’t allowed to direct message other people, this is for security reasons and spam protection.
Martijn could start the messaging to you, but this time i’ll upgrade your membership so you are able to message him.


I’m setting my robovac 35C. I was able to get al the data execpt for the static IP. I don’t get how I can set up a static IP for my robovac. Can someone maybe help me?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @martijnpoppen are you still able to help people extract keys for the X8. I just signed up so cannot DM right now. Happy to make a donation via paypal for your valuable time.

@Carl_draper i’ll dm you

@martijnpoppen I just signed up too and can’t DM, but would love some help extracting my key/id for my X8

I’ll DM you

Hi there Martijn, would you be so kind to help me to connect our x8 too?
Love your work btw. Homey should be proud by the support from people like you :v:

Hey @martijnpoppen , I followed these instructions and managed to get my device ID but struggling to obtain my local key. Can you DM to help me? Thanks

Hey @vjweirnogeenn
Thanks a lot!

Yes will DM you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Paget
Yes will DM you

Hi @martijnpoppen!

I just ordered the Eufy X9 Pro and I’m curious if it’s supported in this app. The cards that are mentioned on the application page for the X series do not seem to mention ‘mopping’ explicitly, hence me asking.

Not able to test it since it’ll be delivered more than a month from now. But already prepping :smile:


Hey @Bamato
Guess we’re gonna find out together :wink:

you are the first with a X9 so let’s see :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahah alright! I’ll report back once I have it. Awesome fast response by the way, thanks.

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Hey Martijn,
a while ago you helped me with my X8 Hybrid. Today I had to factory reset it due to some network problems. Had to remove the X8 and now I cannot add it again with the credentials you discovered for me. Something went wrong bla, bla,
Sound familiar?? Can you help me with this?

@Wim_van_Bezouw yes really familiar.
We need to get the keys again,

You can share it again as last time. I’ll dm you my mail

Hi @martijnpoppen I have a X8, can you please help me getting the DeviceId and LocalKey?
I did try everything you told, but its still impossible to get these numbers…


Hey @Ray_Mar_Vermeulen
Yeah will send you a DM