[App][Pro] Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I always need to reenter my Homey connection details?
A: You really should not. The app tries to reuse the last connection details used if you create a new button. However, this does currently not work reliably for unknown reasons. You could copy an existing button though for convinience.

Q: Can I control other Elgato devices like keylights and so forth with this app?
A: No. At the moment this is not possible as plugins are running isolated from each other. In other words, this is not possible because there is no api for that.

Q: Can I run the StreamDeck without a powered PC?
A: No. This is by design of the device. All the logic is running in the app on your PC or Mac.

Q: Why can I not add toggle buttons for TBK/Devolo switch devices?
A: This seems to be a shortcoming of the manufacturer specific apps. See this post: [App][Pro] Elgato StreamDeck Integration - #264 by Daniel_Esland

Q: After restarting Homey the StreamDeck commands are working but the value displays are not updating?
A: This is a known issue. Sometimes the realtime service does not start up due to the high process load, during Homey start up. You can workaround that by automatically restarting the app, delayed by the Homey has started trigger card. Try to delay the restart of the app to a point when you can be sure that all your other apps have started and initialized. In other words, best practice is to start the app as last app, for the time being.

Q: I set up a button and it works fine, but every few seconds it flashes an warning symbol regardless?
A: This is most likely caused by a falsely cached Homey connection. The problem should vanish if you restart the StreamDeck app on your system. If this does not resolve this problem, please drop me a message.

Q: What is this realtime mode?
A: Realtime mode is available if you are connecting to Homey over your local network only. Means if you supply your Homey’s hostname it will activate automatically. (requires App v1.3+ & Plugin v1.6+) Any changes, your Homey registers, will be reflected on your StreamDeck instantly. Unfortunately realtime is not available if you are using the cloud address instead of the hostname only. Cloud connections will rely on the state polling logic.

Q: Which port does the realtime connection require?
A: You need to allow TCP traffic going from and to port 4693 of your Homey and the system your StreamDeck is connected to.

Q: Why does the confirmation icon flash up delayed some times?
A: This actually differs based on the operation mode. In realtime mode the confirmation icon flashes as soon as the command was successfully sent to Homey. In polling mode it flashes after Homey has confirmed the command. In the end it depends on your Homey’s CPU load and network performance.

Q: Can I use my own icons?
A: Yes. All features support the usual custom icon override.

Q: I added a value but the button is black with text only.
A: Naturally. I added plenty icons for Homey’s default capabillities. So anything custom will most likely not show an icon automatically. Feel free to set your favorite icon instead.

Q: The device list stays empty after adding an action in the StreamDeck / Homey does not longer respond to commands / StreamDeck shows triangles for Homey buttons
A1: Possible refresh issue: If this is the first item you add to the Streamdeck you might need to deselect the current button and reselect it, after entering the Homey Address and Key.
A2: Connection setup is faulty: This means that you have not set up the connection properly. Make sure your Homey hostname and the access key for the app on Homey are set up correctly.
A3: Homey is not reachable: Make sure your Homey is reachable from your system, to which your StreamDeck is connected. The communication could possibly be blocked by a VPN client or a VLAN configuration. This can also be caused if your Homey’s hostname cannot be resolved by your system.
A4: Firewall Settings: If you are using any desktop firewall software, make sure the StreamDeck application is allowed to make outgoing connections.
A5: MAC/PC not resolving the hostname: In some network setups, resolving the local hostnames does not work (for whatever reason this might happen to you). Please try the different name options or use Homey’s IPv4 address if everything else fails. See the app’s settings page for all possible options. (If your Homey has a fixed IP address on your network, using the IP should be totally fine)

Q: The hostname and key I entered are not saved. What’s wrong?
A: Check if the data is saved when you click into the Title/Name input field before deselecting the button. If this does not work then the plugin installation might be faulty. Try uninstalling the plugin and reinstall it from the Elgato Plugin Store.

Q: Can I use multiple Homeys?
A:: Yes. The Homey hostname and access key is cached so you do not need to enter it all the time when adding things. But they are stored per action. So you can address a different Homey for every action.

Q: Can I use Homey using the Homey Cloud instead of going locally by the hostname?
A: For performance reasons I would not recommend using the detour over the cloud, and I do not officially support this. However, starting with plugin version 1.3.0 you can now use the cloud address instead of the local hostname. Simply add “.connect.athom.com” to your Homey’s hostname.

Q: When a new version of the StreamDeck plugin is released, do I have to update it?
A:: No. StreamDeck automatically updates installed plugins once they got published by Elgato/Corsair.