[APP][Pro] Ecovacs - Deebot

i am also interested

same for me :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not coming :frowning:

Still on the todo list, but my time has been spent on the The Alexa App during which time I figured out how to control devices attached to alexa, so I may conitnue down that route. Though the ecovac alexa app is more like a scene.

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Oh wow I really hope that it will be there in the future would be great to control it with homey!

Is there any update for a deebot app?


I am interested as well. Own 2 Deebots: R95 (mk II) and an OZMO 900 Series

Hello Jamie. I would also be very interested in this app. Use a Deboot 950

@Jamie is there any progress on this? maybe is someone else interessted in making an app? i have it working nog on home assitant. i would really like it to have it working in homey

i am willing to test when this would help


One more interested guy here ! :wave:

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Its actually on the back burner for me, currently my ecobot is stuck under my couch, in a really really awkward position, as it becomes every single time I use it.

But if someone else were to ever pick this project up I would be a keen user.

Aahh thata unfortunately. I hope someone will take it over!

Still no app for my deebot 950?

I’m ready to help with the testing (N79S/SE)

Am I correct that there is no chance that Homey developers participate in the development as well?

I would also like to help testing. I have a Deebot T8+

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I am ok to test on ecovacs deebot 950.
Come on devs :smiley:

realy hope some one wil make a nice app :slight_smile:

Any update or progress of creating an app?

I am using an ECOVACS Ozmo 920. Please count me as well as an interested user for this plugin.

Count me in as well. Hope 2021 will be the year ecovacs will become an app in homey :blush: