[APP][Pro] Ecovacs - Deebot

I have now switched from ECOVACS T8+ to Roborock S7 Max V Ultra.

While the hardware on the ECOVACS was good, the software and algorithms were abysmal.

The Roborock is great in all respects. I would highly recommend it. If you have a ECOVACS and feel frustrated, dump it and buy the S7 Max V Ultra instead.

Here is a flow that I created to enable control from Homey. I use the Alexa app together with the Roborock plus skill on Alexa.

Since the Alexa app sometimes might be disabled, I have as a backup method that Homey speaks the command. I have a Echo Flex next to the Homey.

Dear all, happy to share that I’ve solved the issue, now the Ecovacs application (v1.1.5 just published a few minutes ago) is resilient to system reboots, no need to “repair” the devices each time.
Can you please check and confirm ?
And if you’re happy with it do not hesitate to write a comment on the application page :slight_smile:

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Many thx for fixing this Oliver! I just updated/rebooted Homey, and my ‘James’ is still connected. :partying_face:

I want this one as well, but Ive been to quick on buying the T9+

The T9+ does it’s job. Although my mopping device has been replaced twice, and is about to break again. It’s a design failure. The mop ossilated back and forward, with the motor being on one side. So there will always be unequal force, meaning more wear on the gliders. Ons glider becomes black, and not much later only one side will oscillate. A bit later debit wil anounce a mopping failure.

Bit dissapointend.

I thing I wil try to sell this one and upgrade voor the X1 Omni, as it seems to mee mocht more ‘hands off’

I got the X1 Plus, which does not wash the mop automatically in the base station. For me that is actually a good thing, because I cannot leave the mop on permanently anyway. I have a part high carpet, and that would not be cleaned with the mop unit on. I just install the mop unit once a week /2 weeks. For the rest I do automatic vacuming twice a week (controlled by Homey)

To get the consumables (replacement mop especially) is a problem though. All the kits deliver round mops, while the X1 Plus has a half moon size, which is different (I think) from the T9 for instance. So I’m still looking where I can buy these supplies…

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I’m getting an error when trying to connect my Ecovacs account:

“The provided credentials are not valid”

I know the credentials are correct because they are auto filled by my password manager. I just logged out and back in again using the same credentials in the Ecovacs app and it worked fine.

Anyone experienced this problem?

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Hi all, I want to replace my old iRobots. I want to switch to a other brand, like the Ecovacs DEEBOT N8+. Does this application support this version, and if so are all functions working?

Dear Clen,

Can you add the omni x1 Deeboot