[APP][PRO] Dude, where is my Cowboy Bike?

I received my (second hand) Cowboy 3 bike last week, and started hacking into it immediately (since it was raining anyway :wink:)

Although I am still trying to figure out what information I can get, and what information is useful in combination with Homey, I have created a very first draft app.

I will definitely change a lot of stuff (capabilities of the app), and it may very well be possible that I cannot create anything useful with it. But I will at least have tried :slight_smile:

I will finish the app this evening for upload to Athom. Once they approve the app I will release it in the app store.

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… Soon available :crossed_fingers:

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It was just released :beers:

Question : Does the app use the ADEMA vehicle api ?

Dont think so. Never even heard of that :joy: