[APP][Pro] Dashboards

  1. Then I think the the ‘buienradar’ or other weather app should provide for a similar .gif animation as ‘cam’ capability.

  2. Or, if @skogsaas can add a HTML tile one day, this code f.i. can be added
    <iframe src="https://gadgets.buienradar.nl/gadget/zoommap/?lat=52.155&lng=5.3875&overname=2&zoom=6&naam=amersfoort&size=2&voor=1" scrolling=no width=256 height=256 frameborder=no></iframe>

    2a. Users can create such a link to a card for their own location here:

  3. Or / And, While I just read about a new feature of Open Meteo app, generating graphs, I found this now possible with Homey, a precipitation (just one of the weather sensors) graph:
    Screenshot from 2023-08-24 22-50-02

Using an advanced virtual device, you can create a Virtual Camera, and then you can send the graph as image to that device.


Now you can select it as image @ homeyboard: