[APP][Pro] Daikin AI

After this weekend when I get home again I will log in to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/aircon/get_control_info before and after the streamer mode is turned on and post the results here. Hopefully it gets to solve, and this app would get even better!

Exactly, and beside that please also make a diagnostics report seconds after you turned the streamer function on using my app then wait a minute… turn streamer function off using my app and create again a diagnostics report.

A fix for the streamer function not working is now available. Many thanks to @Tord_Grahn for helping me out trouble shooting the issue.

Thanks. Do you have a link? Cannot find it somehow. Really like to be able to make some flows for the altherma.

Hmmmm a link ??? Install the app from app store (v5.1.10) if you are looking for the streamer fix.

Check the topic :


i can not wait for the app.
If you need somebody to test stuff, contact me

The list of compatible systems, is it updated? And when was it done?

i’ve two Daikin units, can not wait for the app.
When you lokking for testers, contact me

What is updated? Where is it updated?

I asked if the list of compatible devices is updated to date … I did not say that anything is updated (how would I know) It is interesting to know if you buy a new device if the list made in 2018 is still "up to date "as it is now 3 years later

I do not understand what you mean?

Ah, OK. I misunderstood what you wrote.

Is there anyway to get the “energy” information? To track the isles kWh of my Daikin Caldo XRH40.

Unfortunately this is not supported by the Daikin API.

I get an error message when i open daikin AI devices:
“Complete the driver update”

This makes the devices not work - does anyone know what this error is?

Upgrading from an older version I guess?

Hi, I have the Daikin FVXM35A floor model, but it seems like it is not supported in the app. Any plans for this in the future?

When i go to http://my.ip.add.ress/aircon/get_control_info, it gives me:

Page Not Found

Which official Daikin app do you use to control the airco, ‘Daikin Online Controller’ or ‘Daikin Residential Controller’?

I am using the Daikin Residential Controller. I read the sticky post, and can see it is not supported as of now. Thanks!

Check this out [APP][DEVELOPMENT] : Daikin Residential Controller (BRP069C4x)