[App][Pro] D.A.L.O.R - Digitally Addressable LEDs On Rest

Replying to myself: I think it is a bug though it works fine on my Homey Pro (2016-2019) but not on my Homey Pro (early 2023)

It also works fine on the new Homey but you cannot control the same device from two Homeys at the same time. This is a limitation on the WLED firmware in regards ot the realtime control protocol.

Got even cooler from gledopto: the GL-C-010WL is a complete controller with digital mic!

bought in china for €21,-

I have one and it’s fantastic!!



My WLED strips have been switched on last days several times by the app, even if the app has no flows yet :thinking:

Seems very random. Any ideas why D.A.L.O.R. “thinks” I need some extra fun?

“Balk” is the name I gave my WLED controller.

Well, this is most likely a connectivity problem. Go to the advanced settings of the device itself inside the Homey app. There is a toggle for restore state on reconnect (or something along this line). Turn this off and if should stop randomly turning on :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, i vaguely remembered i saw something like that, but it sais “after restart of the controller”, wich happens only after power outage?
If it’s really “after restore of connection” it could be either the WiFi or Homey …

According to my Ubiquity network management, there was no disconnect for the WLED module since 4 weeks. And i do want to boast i have a very good network :sunglasses:

Homey however seems to be really on and off and on and off :thinking:

Yeah. Sorry about that. It is a bit misleading because I copied it from the custom DIY firmware model, which actually sends a dedicated message when it was restarted. On the WLED firmware this same event is triggered by the reconnect event. It is just confusing wording ^^‘’

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I have the same problem with my WLED’s (i have 8 current lights running of WLED) and i cant seem to figure out why. But when looking into homey they all switch on and off via the DALOR app.
Is there still being developed on the DALOR app?
Are someone up to the task of making a new one?


Well, that is how it is supposed to be, no? :smiley:
The app is not turning WLEDs off automatically in any case. That must be a flow of yours. There is only an auto turn on on reconnect which can be disabled in the devices advanced settings.
I am still maintaining the app. Why you need a new one? Are you missing anything?

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Im having the same issue with some of my lights turning on, i even purchased a new wled controller to check if if my old ones just happened to get broken or something, but im getting the random turn on on the new one as well. No flows or any automations on the new one so that can’t be the issue. I wonder if maybe its a firmware update issue?

No, everything is fine. Possibly. Except that your WLED is losing connection with Homey for some reason.
You can turn off this behavior in the devices advanced settings. The setting is called something like “restore on restart” or so. Just untick that and it should stop turning on “randomly”. However, this indicates a connectivity problem.

I turned off the “restore on restart” setting but it only fixed the issue on my bulbs, the other two esp32 controllers are still turning on. I do have a third esp8266 controller that is having no issues could it be something related to that?

Well, there is no other code in the Homey app which would turn them on without a user interaction or flow command given. You must have missed something on your end.

Probably thanks anyways, it’s just a bit weird that i’m not the only one with this issue.

In the wled app on the phone, have you tried to turn off “Turn LEDs on after power up/reset” in settings, LED Preferences?

I Turned that setting off and now the issue is that is randomly turning off. Today I received yet another one that I ordered online and i did not add that one to homey and its still doing the same thing so it seems that its an issue with those controllers. I am using these ready to go esp32 controllers I bought on amazon, kinda regret it now.

That is interesting. Good to know. I got one of those laying around here too but I didn’t get around to test it yet.

Actually not.
I have now looked at everything in my home network, homey settings and flows and i’ve updated to the latest version of WLED on all my devices.

I still get random lights turn on at random moments (while writing this my hallway light turned on)
And when i go in the homey dashboard and look at the device and its history it says “Turned on via D.A.L.O.R” But everytime i turn it on via my phone or siri or homey app or flows it says it there on the timeline what who and when its been turned on.
So no its not how its supposed to be.
My kids nightlight turn on at sundown, and when looking in the history on their lights homey states “Turned on via flowname” and if i turn it on via iOS siri it states “Turned on via HomeKitty”

How can i check a log or anthing to narrow down where the malfunction is?

There is no malfunction. The only situation when DALOR would turn on your WLED, without a flow or UI interaction would be if the device reconnects and the devices advanced option for restoring state on reconnect is enabled.
If you disable this option for the device, it will not ever send any commands to the device on its own at all.