[App][Pro] D.A.L.O.R - Digitally Addressable LEDs On Rest

I don’t know what i am doing wrong with this app. Installed it in Homey, but cannot seem to find the option to add/select my WLED board. Where can i do this as i cannot find it in the configuration of the app and also not when adding it as an device.

You simply install the app and then add your WLED as a device like any other.
However, your WLED must be findable on your network. Please check the FAQ and verify that the zeroconf related settings on your WLED are correct.

I’ve been using your app for some time already, and really like it for WLED, and works wonderfully.

I do however have a feature request, and that is to be able to choose a random color for each segment, now it is only possible for the entire controller/strip.

Also would like being able to dim each segment separately, which is possible within WLED’s GUI, but that’s just be a “nice to have”, as that usually doesn’t change after initial setup.

Use case: I have a cabinet where I have each “box” a separate segment which I would want to give a random color once in a while.

Thanks a buch

I like your ideas and I totally see your usecase. I have added your ideas to my todo list. Cannot promise and ETA though. It won’t be forgotton, but I will most likely not be able to get to it this year. (There is not much year left afterall)

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No worries :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I know the feeling of not having enough hours in a day, week, or even month.


Thanks @Shakesbeard for making this app!
iam planning an 40m 24v led strip setup with WLED and connecting it to homey using this app.

While doing so, i came across this really helpfull and complete guide for WLED setups, may be of some help to other too: https://quinled.info/

Will post the end result when installed.

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I’ve been wanting to write an app for WLED for ages, glad I came across your app.

I was planning to implement the ‘segment’ feature of WLED by simply allowing a user to pair them as different devices. During pairing, you can fetch the amount of segments a unit has (which you already do) and offer them as different devices. You can have a different device driver or simply use the same but allow pairing the whole device and the devices segments separately.
You can also add more then one device during pairing so you can just add all segments automatically. Though, I’d personally let the user decide weather to add a segment or not. (Also greatly simplifies the user experience when adding or removing segments)

Just one question about the nigh light feature; What exactly does it do for a WLED device?

Actually, I think that feature got renamed in WLED itself by now. I would need to check again myself.
It is that timer feature in WLED which allows for sunrise or sundown effects over time for example. Well… if am not totally mistaken now.

Yeah, that was some design decision. But in the end I went to treating a WLED controller as a single device and rather address segments on that device, instead of allow pairing of segments as “virtual” devices. I think, if someone is technically versed enough to make use of WLED they should not bother too much about how it is automated in Homey.
If it was a ready made consumer product it might make more sense to go with such splitting, but I do not really see the benefit. It might in fact be more confusing if you have the segments and each segment device would share the settings and properties of one physical device.

I think this is very hard to do too as segments are bound to presets, if you have a (few) preset with segments and a (few) preset without segments (or different amount) it would break this type of implementation.

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First of all I would like to thank you for creating this app!

Since the latest version, my WLED devices turn on randomly. This is very strange behavior and I am curious what can be the cause of this. I hope you can help.


This could be caused by an interruption of the network connectivity if the “restore light settings after reconnect” option is checked in the advanced settings of the device in homey.


Hi Shakesbeard,

I can confirm that this was the problem! I disabled the setting for the devices and everything works as expected! Thanks


Just to let you @Shakesbeard know that i use your app for a while now and very happy with it, never had a problem and use it daily with 9 wled devices.
Thanks for your great work!

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