[App][Pro] D.A.L.O.R - Digitally Addressable LEDs On Rest

Hi @Caseda,
Yeah, this is kinda intended behaviour sort of. You can disable this “init” sync in the devices advances settings. Let me know if this is what you are seeing, then I will add an FAQ entry about it.

Ah, I did see that setting, though it mentions “the controller” in the setting’s titel, so I expected it to be the esp being restarted, not the app.

Yeah, maybe the wording needs a bit improvement too :smiley:

Ahh gotcha. Yeah. Basically restarting the app causes the same event to trigger as if the controller restarted because it is bound to the “unavailable device was rediscovered” event thing.

This only happens for the WLED firmware. Device restart is discovered differently for NPOR, here it only happens when the controller has restarted.

HI there,

I just flahsed WLED into my ESP8266, connected it to WiFi and I can controller the strip by the WLED app or Local at its website.

What steps are required to connect it to Homey? Case it gives me everytime a message no new devices can be found.

Regards, Marius

Hi @Marius_van_der_Werf1,
this can have several causes. Please check for the following:

  • Make sure your wifi router does not have client isolation enabled
  • During the setup of the WLED controller make sure you do not change the mDNS name. The homey app searches for the controller by that name. I think it is sufficient if it starts with wled.
  • Sometimes Homey’s mDNS search acts up. In that case make sure the controller is powered and connected to your wifi. Then try restart the Homey app from the settings menu. Give it a minute before trying to pair the device. If that is not successful, wait ten minutes and repeat this.

Let me know if this helps or whether you need further assistance.

Just in case any one experienced the same issue as me when I first tried to get the APP to pair with my WLED device. Initially it would not discover my WLED device. Restarting the APP had no effect… After rebooting my entire Homey it would then discover and pair with it…

Yeah, that should not be required. It is related to how Homey handles mDNS discovery logic. During testing I noticed that it sometimes takes up to 15 minutes until the discovery system reported the device. Rapidly restarting the app (like during development) does not work well with this feature.

Thanks… Other than that it’s been working great…

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is it just me, or does the app lose track of wled controllers after some time (hours / days)? can i add the controllers manually with their IPs instead of the mDNS discovery method as well to make it more stable maybe?

No, that should not happen. Also the IP used is updated by Homey automatically. You can however, instruct your router’s dhcp to always assign the same IP address to the device.

Really nice app, thanks! Any plans on adding possibility to toggle random effect with random palette?

At the moment I am not actively working on my Homey apps. But I am of course collecting feedbacks and wishes for future updates.
Can you describe a bit more in detail what you have mind and how you would expect it to work, or how you would like to use it? That would be very helpful to understand you usecase better.

when you pick “Set effect” in THEN section, it would be nice to be able to set Effect: Random effect, and Palette: Random palette.

@norenz Ahh gotcha! Nice idea. I’ll put it onto the todo list.

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My big thanks to the developers.


Another thanks… :blush:… This is a great app. Works reliably… Interfaces with WLED really well. I also highly recommend the developer. Has a very good attitude and commitment. I will be donating some money to him next month. Others should do the same …


Here is your feature ping. App version 2.0.0 will include your enhancement request regarding random select for effect and palette in the corresponding flowcard.

@ everyone else
Your enhancement requests are not forgotton and still on my TODO list.
This update migrates the app to SDKv3. I wanted to get this out of the way first.

So, just got my WLED lights set up so going to give this app a go!

Am I right in saying that I can use a flow to set a saved preset in WLED?


You can use the “Activate Preset” flowcard for that.