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I have connected a Shelly Plus i4 via WiFi to the network where the Homey Pro is also located.

If I open or close a contact, this is immediately visible in the Shelly app.
But in the Homey Pro this is only detected after 40 and sometimes even 60 seconds.

The contact must therefore have the same status all the time. Otherwise, Homey Pro will not detect the change of contact status.

This will not work if you want to detect a short signal (push button).

Shelly Plus i4 (firmware: 20240625-122845/1.3.3-gbdfd9b3)

Find the official app Thread on this forum and read the first post. It contains all the information you need.

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Shelly H&T Plus update status.

Hi, i have severel Shelly H & T and some H & T plus connected to my Homey Pro 2023. Since about a week, the plus ones have not been updating any of the parameters, like temperature or humidity. This happened once, for 2 days, and then in updated, don’t know why, and it has now been 3 days, with no updates.

This is cause for concern, for me, because my HVAC system is working based on the shellys readings.

Ive tried booting the H & Ts plus, the homey app and the shelly up, with no luck. In the Shelly app the temperature is being updated just fine.

Best regards, thanks for any help in advance

To be honest, I wouldn’t trust Homey to handle critical systems. At least have a separate failsafe.

Have you read the first post of this thread, specifically the “Troubleshooting” section?

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I just paired a shelly plus 2 pm and I only get 1 channel accessible in Homey Pro.
Anyone got a clue?

BR Håkan

Hi Håkan,

please check the first post in this topic for detailed informations.

It’s either configured as roller shutter (which adds 1 channel), something went wrong with pairing and you need to remove and re-pair it again or its an actual bug. Please check and confirm the first two options first.

I get this information when I trying.
Not Found: PairSession with ID b81b5195-740f-47ad-af7f-64b5ae64cca5

Still just one channel

I have 2 channels in the shelly-app

That’s a Homey issue, usually caused by leaving the pairing wizard during pairing (for instance when copying password from other apps). Try pairing through the webui (my.homey.app).

Now I got 2 channels, thank you very much.
Extremly fast response, impressive.